Before you get panicky about the jargon, let us look at the meaning of a learning management system. A learning management system is a software application used to monitor, administrate, document, report and track educational courses.

An LMS can be really helpful in the current scenario due to the lockdown of schools and it will enable unfaltering delivery of lessons to students.

The purpose of an LMS is to empower Learning and Development (L&D) departments with training and development for their learners. You could think of a learning management system as a vast archive where you can track and store information.

Anyone with a login and password can access these online training resources whenever and wherever.

You could deploy a learning management system (LMS) via cloud, get it from a self hosted platform, desktop application or a mobile application.

One of the biggest perks of having an LMS is that it can store a large amount of data and it tracks learners/students performance and monitors progress.

Here is where Digital Teacher comes in handy. Digital Teacher presents a Unit Plan to the teachers which can either be adopted as it is or customized as per their needs in the planning stage of the instruction delivery.

A template of the Lesson Plan is provided to break the instructions of a unit at class-to-class level along the lines of the unit plan.

The pace of instruction delivery is placed in the hands of the teacher through the “Overview” section of the product, which gives a bird’s eye view of the subject matter of a particular unit.

A typical unit is divided into Introduction, Instruction and Evaluation sections on the lines of standard teaching-learning process.

The content under the Introduction section is divided into three sections, which helps the teacher to recall the previous content covered, maintaining continuity of the subject.

Over 15 lakh schools are shut down in India and the students have been at home without any physical for more than 6 months now and a learning management system comes very much in handy for both student and the teacher in this scenario for learning at home.

Before getting an LMS, factors you need to consider are

Delivery of prompt reports and analytics
Responsive design
User friendly interface
Support services
e-Learning Assessment Tools
Compliance and Certification Support
Social Learning Support

We hope you find this article useful before getting a
Learning Management system for yourself.

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