The term mistress is actually a bit outdated. This word used to be used to indicate a lady with whom a married man cheated. Some men even had several mistresses with whom they shared the bed. At the beginning of the last century it was even very common in higher circles that a man had a mistress. His wife was there to get the children and to sit at dinners and banquets. But it was not uncommon for mistresses to have children of often high-ranking people such as members of royal houses and other nobility as well as important industrial people.

What is the role of a mistress?
A mistress fulfills the role of bed partner. She is often no more than that. When a man has a mistress, he often means something other than an extra-marital relationship. A mistress is purely for sex in most cases. The man apparently lacks this with his wife and seeks entertainment outside the door. He does not want to make use of prostitutes or escort ladies, but to have a regular lady where he can go for his sexual satisfaction. If a man wants a permanent mistress then it is often referred to online dating or relationship websites.

What is the future of a mistress?
A mistress is clearly different from a girlfriend. A man who has a mistress is in most cases not in love with this lady. It is therefore wise not to get feelings for the man with whom she regularly shares the bed. In many cases she has to make do with the physical attention she receives. But some men also want to spoil their mistress with presents. These are often intended to keep the lady in question happy. Because the chance that a man leaves his wife and family for his mistress is usually not that great.

What is the risk of having a mistress?
Blackmail is of course the biggest risk. If a man enters into an extra-marital relationship with a lady, then he runs the risk that at some point she will disclose the extra-marital escapades of her lover. This can have far-reaching consequences for the marriage or social career of the man in question. A second risk is that the mistress becomes pregnant and blackmails her lover with the child. He therefore often pays for the costs of the upbringing, often without the wife being aware of this. If the mother of his illegitimate child is doing well, then she can benefit financially.

The modern mistress
Nowadays sex contacts are often made via the internet mostly with online dating / relationship websites . A man goes looking on a dating or relationship site for a lady to spend some pleasant hours with. Nowadays there are websites where you can easily find single interested girls near you; w4mmaps is one of them. If this is mutually satisfying, an extra-marital relationship can arise from this and the woman automatically gets the role of mistress.

Sometimes a man has several mistresses
Some men are insatiable when it comes to sex. If their wife or girlfriend cannot or will not comply with this, they will look for entertainment outside the door. Sometimes such a man even has several mistresses that he visits in turns. They may not be aware of each other's existence. Some men value their mistresses in such a way that they partly or sometimes fully provide for their livelihood, even when there are no illegitimate children. Many a mistress was pleasantly surprised when she appeared to be in his will after the death of her lover.

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