According to expert resume writers, a resume must be catchy, unique, attractive and impressive. So what should one do to make the resume unique? You can add additional elements like heading, summary, profile, and objective to make the resume stand out from the rest. So what exactly is the resume summary? Basically, it is the brief introduction in the form of a paragraph or bullet list which usually comes at the top of the resume. This section usually highlights your job qualifications. It provides you the recruiting manager complete information about your professional qualifications which makes you the best choice for the job.

A resume summary which is also known as executive statement must be precise and powerful. It should hit the target of impressing your employer and getting an interview call letter for you. It should include concrete information about how you can add value to the organization. The resume summary can be generic information about you and your qualifications and you need not define it separately according to the job position you are interested in.

You can add information about how you can transform the department or organization in a better way. You can also mention details of your work experience and most recently acquired educational qualification or technological skill. Whatever you intend to include must be written in a precise manner, not more than 500 characters of 2-3 statements. You can highlight the summary by using italics font style.
Benefits of using a resume summary –

Resume writers believe that a resume summary can prove beneficial and can elevate your resume to a great extent. A resume summary makes your resume stand out from the rest and the employer does not miss out on the main elements of your resume and your qualifications. A hiring manager would see and scan a resume for few seconds and if his attention is not grabbed by something relevant or interesting then the resume is simply rejected. A resume summary is short, can be read in few seconds, it highlights the qualifications and skills and elevates the resume.

Once the resume summary grabs the attention of the employer then he will proceed to take a closer look. But this does not mean that just including a resume summary guarantees you to get selected for the interview. You must also take care that the resume summary is written in a proper and effective manner. Also, make sure that the resume is written properly because after the summary a hiring manager would scrutinize the resume completely.

Executive summary means?
For upper management positions and higher level jobs, a resume summary is often known as an executive summary. It is more critical and must include more professionally written a summary as for these advanced positions, prospective employers would scan the resume in much more depth. The focus of executive summary lies in the comparison of the track record of the success of the candidate in similar job positions.

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