Have you been asking yourself "What Is A Sales Page?"

If you're new to Internet marketing, you've probably heard about sales pages, but you're still wondering exactly what a sales page is. I can recall when I had no idea of what one was. My need to find a way to make my online business more viable lead to me asking a good friend of mine how I could increase sales from my website. Fortunately for me, he happens to be an expert in website marketing and sales strategy. He suggested I use sales pages.

Many people who are getting involved with Internet marketing today have little or no experience with sales or marketing. The idea of needing a "sales page" might sound intimidating to you if you're one of these people. But, it needn't be so frightening.

Sales Page Strategy

Your sales page is the page that you want to get prospective buyers to come to at your website. Your sales page may be your landing page, or it may be linked to directly from your landing page.

Your landing page is the page of your website that someone will come straight to if they click your link that comes up in the SERPs, or if they click on an advertisement that you have placed online. It's important to understand the landing page even if it isn't your actual sales page, because it will always be directly tied into your sales page. It is the page that a person "lands on" and this page thus has to make a powerful first impression.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two basic types of landing pages, and one of these is the call-to-action landing page. This is quite often also your sales page. A call-to-action page is straight to the point. It uses very general language. It is dynamic, and it asks some to take a specific action. If it's your sales page, the action requested will be to buy from you. If it's a more general landing page, there will be a link to your sales page, but there will also be another call-to-action, such as: fill out a survey; opt-in to your e-mail newsletter list; contact you for more information; or something else like those things that inspire a sense of urgency and definite decision making.

The important thing about landing and sales pages is that they have qualities that quickly and firmly grab the attention of the visitor. If you have complicated stuff on your pages, or if there are too many link-outs to pages away from the sales page, you will not hold a visiting prospect's attention for more than five seconds-and they'll be gone in a flash, off to see your competition.

Sales Page Design

A. Included among the qualities of great landing pages and great sales pages are:

*Ease of navigation.

*The page is obvious and transparent in its intent.

*The visitor is engaged, even entertained.

*It appeals to a certain target market or niche-that, is visitors feel like the content was made just for them.

B. How can you best ensure these qualities?

*Provide free value. Visitors should feel like they learned something of value even if they didn't buy.

*Your page must be simple. It should download very quickly, be easy to read, and not be too encumbered with links.

*An image is worth 1000 words. If at all possible, use a video or two.

These are just the basic ideas of creating a high-converting sales page. In order to increase web conversions and keep your business viable you should learn as much as possible about these types of pages and how to create them in the most effective manner possible.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Javier Blanc and my business struggled online until a friend of mine, Kevin Stacey, taught me how to use specific types of landing pages to dramatically increase my conversion rates. If you have a website You should consider reading Kevin's blog post "What is a sales page?" to learn how you can increase your website's bottom line.