A Caloundra storage on the sunshine coast facility is a storage space rented out to people typically on a monthly basis. Customers of self-storage facilities are treated as tenants to their chosen space which can either be a locker, container, room, or outdoor space. It is considered a comparatively smaller space compared to that of storage rentals comprised of whole warehouses or land property.

Self-storage facilities are very much in demand in urban areas where space is really a prime commodity. Self-storage tenants also prefer highly accessible locations since there is usually a need to check on the stored items every so often especially if they are used in business operation. The greatest number of self-storage facilities are found in the US, UK, and Australia.

Urban self-storage facilities consist of single or multiple story buildings. These facilities can either be naturally ventilated or climate-controlled specifically those that are considered interior units. Although tenants have to find a way to bring their property for storage on their own, the facility offers the use of equipment for moving items to the upper floors as well as rolling carts for carrying.

The rented space is secured by the tenant himself using his own lock and key. However, the entire facility has the benefit of over-all security as provided by the self-storage company. The earliest versions were first seen during the 1960s. The shortage of this type of storage facility was felt during the 1990s which resulted in a serious rush of constructing new facilities from the year 2000 onwards.

Renting a self-storage facility is subject to a written agreement between the facility and the tenant. This agreement needs to be signed before move-in is allowed. The terms and conditions of storage are explained by facility staff and the tenant should take the time to understand them. Potential tenants must be able to show suitable proof of identity.

Vacating a rented space would require the tenant to give notice to the facility. In cases of non-payment of rented space for a determined period of time, self-storage facilities may be allowed to conduct a storage auction or lien sales. This is always subject to the prevailing laws in the location of the facility.

The non-paying tenant has until the beginning of the auction to pay and reclaim his properties. Bidders are not allowed to enter the rented space itself and can only view items from the doorway. The contents are sold "as is' and the winning bidder will be responsible for removing such contents from the rented space.

Although it is not necessary to pre-book a storage unit, it is highly advised for tenants who have specific requirements for their storage needs. The pre-booking fee is usually deducted from the rental cost upon move-in. A self-storage facility is an ideal place to put "treasures" that cannot be accommodated at home or files that can no longer fit in the office space. The self-storage industry has evolved tremendously over time and is expected to continue doing so as more and more people appreciate its use and purpose.

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