A sugar baby is a male or female that is a companion for a person usually older in exchange for gifts, money, rent etc. A sugar baby is not a hooker or a gold digger, if you need milk you go to a store so I see nothing wrong with someone being compensated for their time. As a sugar baby you are the one in control you set the rules and tone for how you want things to go. That being said it is not as easy as some think there are requirements like; you must take care a yourself, good conversationalist, bubbly perky majority of the time, remembering that the more smiles and joy you bring to someones day or life the bigger and more thoughtful the reward. Being a sugar baby can really help you out I know countless people that choose to become a sugar baby or sugar daddy and they are loving the benefits.There are many sites that you can sign up for I know of one www.sugardaddy.yaforia.com its great with awesome results. Try it out you might run into that one special person that turns into more.

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Sugar Daddy Yaforia is dating site started by a former sugar baby looking to help and provide the real and safe deal in sugar daddy dating.