Are you tired of watching movies with the same old plot and its predictable ending? Well there are internet short stories that you can watch by just logging in to a website that feeds such clips. It is called a web series.
These are series of episodes released through the internet and some released by the newly adapted medium called web television. Each instance of these series called episodes can be seen every after the previous air time.

Almost all of us are more likely engaged with video streaming especially when we see them very interesting. It is estimated that about 80% of Internet users view web videos once in a while. The percentage of web viewers is expected to increase to up to more than 90% within two years or less. Web videos are so captivating that the audiences are sharing them with colleagues, friends, and even families using social media.

The popularity of these series has been rising since it started with their all new discovered concept in movie making. Web series started in 1995 through the first advertiser Scott Zakarin who pioneered the Internet series adapted from what the TV series has been making. The first series that made it through the internet was aired in 1997 but was eventually cancelled because of technological restrictions and financial disability that held the production up.

The popularity of these Internet series has risen up from then on and the result of its increasing availability has progressed due to the improvement of broadband technology and high video streaming capacity. This made the independent producers and series makers to create a low budgeted Internet distributed series. However, several television producers and broadcasting companies are using the Internet to promote their primetime shows and also developing particular media and Internet shows.

The improvements of video streaming in the internet and high rising popularity of Internet use means that creating and production as well as the distribution of web series is more likely cheaper in some standards and makes the creators reach almost all of the worldwide audience who can access the Internet all day long.

The extraordinary significant influence of the web series is more efficient if it is cause oriented or beneficial to viewers, and of course it has to be entertaining. You have to keep in mind that the engagement between the audience and the producers is interactive and that both parties are communicating in a certain way.

Although most of the audience is children, adults can also view some scenes that can be helpful for their businesses or personal life. There are also some of the web series that use animation but are not really supposed to be viewed by kids, they most of the time involve morbid scenes just to entertain some people of the same idea of having a sense of humor.

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