A CT scan of the abdomen A scan is used to determine the function of blood vessels, organs, and bones in the abdomen. ACT scanOne kind of specialized X-ray scan With the aid of a CT scan the machine is able to circle the body and accelerates the images to a computer where they're viewed by a technician or a physician
The patient isn't allowed to eat anything for at minimum 2-4 hours before the abdominal CT scan. They are also not supposed to take any prescription medications. You should have loose, comfortable clothing or you can change into a hospital gown without accessories. In accordance with the reason why the patient is undergoing a CT scan, they are advised to take a large drink of either barium or Gastrografin. These substances aid in obtaining clearer images of abdominal organs.
It is essential to inform your doctor of the patient prior to having an abdominal CT scan.
• is allergic to barium, iodine, or any kind of contrast dye
• diabetic
• is pregnant
A normal abdominal CT scan takes about 10-30 minutes depending on the patient and situation. The abdominal CT scan can be performed at a hospital's radiology department or a clinic that is specialized in diagnostic procedures.
Once the patient is dressed in their gown for the hospital after which the CT scanner technician will ask the patient to lie down on the table. Depending on the reason for their scan, the technician may administer an IV shot. Once the dye is infused into the veins, the patients will feel warmth in their bodies.
To ensure clear images, the technician might ask the patient to lie down in a certain position. The patient may be asked to keep their breath during some parts of the scan.
Utilizing the remote control, the technician will transfer the table intoCT scanner machine then take photographs of the abdominal area of the patient from a
different room. https://www.mozocare.com/treatment/abdominal-ct-scan

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