I heard this term by the “Made to stick” brothers whose names are not sticking right now, feather stretch. It means doing something for a very short period of time that we usually agree you must do for longer. Examples are like setting a clock for 5 minutes and cleaning the dirtiest room in the house but only for 5 minutes or exercising in front of the TV for 1 minute for an overwhelmed mom but only for 1 minute. Tiny things that allow people to think that can do it. Micro programs to give hope and start people wanting more of whatever it is. The wanting creates the capacity to change the habits or create the new ones.

I started this Energy Gurus work about 3 years ago on the same theme. Giving people things they could do at the office or at work that could change their energy in micro doses. Now everyone needs these techinques not just corporate executives.

I want to share with you how I learned to meditate and it was not in one minute doses. My teacher used to give us meditation for 2 ½ hours. Yes that is right. No not broken up into chunks during the day.. one sit. We did it or at least I can speak for myself I did it. Really many of us did, hundreds maybe thousands of us. Now when people are wiling to meditate they want the mini pack, economy pack for food and mini packs for meditation. I gauge what they can handle or think they can and then try stretching it a bit. If I give a meditation to someone and say do this for 22 minutes and they glaze over or cringe I don’t ask them how long they will do it for I usually play with them and say okay then 31 minutes if they moan I go to 62. They either settle on 22 minutes or we see where they can stretch time and space to have 31 minutes or even 11 minutes. We are going for some soul time

1-2 minutes is what I want to give you. Relief from overwhelm, fear, depression, guilt, the list in 1-2 minutes. This is the new 1-minute manager.
How to manage your energy in 1-2 minutes, actually how to change your energy in 1-2 minutes. Will you do this? Will you give yourself 1-2 minutes
to start changing your habit patterns? If you made it this far then try this it will get your energy moving trust me or not just do it and then trust you.

Claw Dance
Two steps for a radiant, charismatic energy

Round up and tighten fingers in long clawed-like hands.
Come up tall on your toes swinging the arms out to the sides and up over the head in a big arc motion. Breath in on the way up while saying “WHO”. Next, squat down while the arms are swinging downward in a big arc. Exhale saying “LA” on the way down. Keep repeating these 2 steps.

1-2 minutes

Strengthens thighs and increases energy. Replenishes your energy field and expands awareness. Helps clears the mind when facing challenges.

These are ancient techniques that are coming back into fashion now because we need a stimulus relief package dropped on our doorstep. We need relief
And we need it now. We need to see what our nest move is in this new world. For that we need energy and clarity. Try this one too. This little exercise can make you feel calm in just a couple minutes.

Finger Tips Release
Relief for over-worked hands and brains

Hands facing, join fingertips with light pressure. Move hands in and out by bending the fingers.
A variation is to lightly tap the fingertips or move the fingertips around in very small light circles.

1-2 minutes

The stimulation of fingers never endings activate various glands in the brain. Helps feel more lively and relaxed.

I want you to become your own Energy Guru which means I want you to know how to release and relax your self so you can feel connected to your source, then you will experience rejuvenation. Then you will experience the joy of life again. Simple, true, easy just do it an old yogic quote.


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