What is AMP?
AMP also known as. Accelerated Mobile Pages can speed up web experience by offering better readership and extra ad income stream for publishers as well as people who provide services for website design in Singapore. Amp is a Google-backed open source project for any content publisher to have pages load fast on mobile devices. Here are 5 major benefits of AMP web pages that will help you to decide if this is the right time to integrate AMP pages into your campaign.
Benefits of Amp

1. New Potential Readers through Google Carousel
It’s still maintained by Google that AMP pages aren’t preferred in SERPs. However, there’s a carousel where relevant AMP pages appear on the basis of the number of relevant links which are returned for the specific search string. The best part is that if the content is featured within the carousel, it’s not removed from traditional search results; therefore publishers could be featured in those results two times.

2. More Speed and More Engagement
When more than 45 percent of readers expect mobile pages to be loaded within 2 seconds, speed is important to build engagement. The main benefit of AMP pages is that they load much faster as compared to traditional mobile pages. This means that they could allow you to get a higher level of engagement with targeted audiences. Higher engagement also means much more revenue stream from your ads.

3. New Monetization Choices and New Income Sources
Google is continuously doing experiments with the integration of tools. This can give publisher capabilities to discover new subscribers. It also helps them to boost content in the search which were previously penalized because of being behind paywalls. This potent option is good, and it will allow publishers to get new streams of income at the same time, where traditional incomes can be wavering for a few of them.

4. Reduced Latency or Load Time Means More Ad Revenue
You can find many types of research which agree that mobile latency can affect the revenue stream of publishers. Whenever ads appeared cleanly and quickly within the content, publishers can easily monetize these AMP pages in stronger ways. As estimated by Google AMP pages that load in 5 seconds can easily earn 2 times more revenue as compared to those that have 19 seconds of load time.

Amp is a Google-backed project for any content publisher to have pages load fast on mobile devices. Google is putting their full potential behind AMP, and this is the more prominent sign for the project’s health. There’s still some time needed to adopt earlier, familiarize with the project and get ahead of others to put yourself and your pages over the top. A fact revealed by TechCrunch that worldwide, AMP power up more than 2 billion website design pages and 900,000 domains as well. So no matter you are a service provider for website design Singapore or in any part of this world, you must learn about AMP.

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Misty Jhones