An alive mind believes nothing. You have to be taught and accept something in order to believe it.

An alive mind is not trapped in thought. It’s not caught in ancient beliefs. It’s not caught in thought of any kind. It is free. It is open — there are no walls of any kind that can hold it in one place. An alive mind IS the universe.
When we are born on this earth, our minds our open; as children we are alert and alive, and that is why children can learn so quickly. They learn so quickly that by the time they are four or five years of age, they are programmed with the way their lives will play out. They are filled with words, the names of things, and told the things to say and not to say. Then they’re told to remember everything they’ve been taught and told.

The walls are formed, and the tiny opening left is for “learning” what the world wants us to learn. This is how our minds became dead; dead to life and open to gaining knowledge, which is dead.
Knowledge is necessary in the physical world, but even when knowledge is not necessary, we will argue over who is right and who is wrong. We start wars over knowledge: ancient belief and knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years.

The only place where we can bring an end to war is in ourselves. If we do that, we will bring an end to war on the planet.
In our ignorance, as the robots we are, we kill others thinking if we can get conquer them or kill them all off, we can end war. This is the thinking of a dead, knowledge filled mind. An alive mind lives in the present, and in the present there is no knowledge of what you did to me, or what you might do to me, or “I remember what you did to me.” There is a mind that is as open as the universe, and the universe does not and would not kill itself. Only the knowledge filled robots we have become would do that.

We became robots when thought took over and started “thinking us.” Thought uses us. It tell us what to do. It tell us who to be angry at. It tell us what judgements and opinions to make. It tell us how to live. How insane is that?

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