Also known as apartment hotels, an apart hotel refers to a type of accommodation that provides the services of an apartment, but has a booking system similar to that of a hotel. Suitable for short-term living, these types of complexes have become popular in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Unlike a common hotel, an apart hotel Paris allows flexible contract terms, payments in installments, and many choices of in-house amenities; including cookers, microwaves, fridges, and Internet access. However, not all flats are fully furnished. Therefore, to select Paris apartments properly, you need to evaluate all the available options.

Begin your search by looking online. There are many websites that provide a catalogued archive you can refer to for rentals, rates, or even to view rooms and facilities. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed by all of the options, you may inquire with reception at the company to receive a detailed picture or obtain references to contact that will put your mind at ease.

If you intend to stay in Paris for a longer time then an apart hotel Paris is the best option. An apart hotel Paris offers standard accommodations within affordable price ranges. There are several other advantages of an apart hotel Paris.

• Unlike a hotel room or other Paris apartments, an apart hotel Paris allows one to enjoy the services of a hotel. Occupants can enjoy total privacy without the restrictions of norms and rules.

• Staying at an apart hotel Paris is less expensive than staying at a hotel though different amenities vary according to price. If you are willing to spend more you can enjoy the facilities of luxury Paris apartments. Some places might have more amenities for a higher price.

• Luxury Paris apartments will be more expensive choice if you plan to stay longer and often less money if you stay for a shorter time. There is no doubt you will enjoy these great facilities; however, if you have a limited budget it is best to choose a reasonable apart hotel Paris, which still offers you great amenities for a lower price.

If you hire a professional broker the agent will take care of the entire process, which will provide you with all of the information you need. If you prefer looking online, quality sites like Paris Address will be of great help. A Paris-based organization, Paris Address is known for its quality services. For more information visit them online at

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