An audio influencer is someone who has established credibility in a specific industry and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations and expertise. They cultivate a community on voice-based platforms, such as podcasts and apps like Clubhouse. They are a part of the phenomenon of social audio, where people connect through conversation, and chat rooms are opportunities for them to share thought leadership. Typically, they have some sort of influence outside of these platforms as well. Many of these audio influencers are content creators and C-level executives.

Research analyst, Jeremiah Owyang suggests that social audio is the new “Goldilocks” medium for the 2020s: “Text is not enough, and video is too much; social audio is just right. It represents the opportunity for social connection and empathy without the downsides of video.”

Along with Owyang, many believe that as social audio grows, it will become a necessity everywhere for brands. You might start seeing live conversations embedded on websites, articles, and more. Just imagine reading this article and being able to hear experts discuss the content in real-time or hearing opinions recorded from your most trusted circle. Readers could even leave voice messages or recorded conversations in physical locations similar to how the geocaching community leaves physical items for others to find.

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