As it turns out the expression "ideal gentleman" is seen by male creatures and women quite differently. It is because of this misapprehension there exist all sorts of struggles and difficulties between madams and guys. This relationship problem is as old as the human race itself. Scholars and clergymen, psychologists and political leaders searched to find any way out of this eternal mistery, but it seems that they failed till now. We consider that in these nervous years of economic convulsion along with a rapidly developing technological progress, it is only the mere human humor, that assists the best way to look at a situation from a new perspective. Only if you gag about a issue, you open a zillion means of unriddling it. The mind turns purified and goes to a free flight in a originative indocile mental imagery.

Today I'll share on this in more details.

For a girl, the best man is when you are two being behind time for his birthday party, and he exclaims: "So what that 300 friends are waiting for us, My hottie, do not make haste, just carefully select a proper attire to put on! Frankly, for me your closet is much more significant than my natal day!"

For a woman, a perfect man is he who makes love to her for three hours non stop and then another five hours non stop telling her about all sorts of cool things till she dozes off, twisting his hair round his finger, as all women do!

An ideal man for a madam is the one who goes to work in the morning, and his girl wakes up in the morning at his nest and notices a note on a table with the following: "Hi, Honey, breakfast is on the table and my password to senior dating online club is three six five three eleven five nine eight!"

The best man is constantly trying to talk his lady into. He says, lets buy you a pup, and I will always square away her doo-doo myself.

An ideal gentleman for a girl is he who himself granted her with a bouquet of blooms, then himself placed them in a vase, filled some water in it, added a few drops of sugar, some salt and some of iodine. So that the flowers stand longer.

For a woman, the best guy is not he who went to a club on his own BMW, hooked up with four chicks with him and went home to party... No, not at all, a perfect man for a madam is the one who is staying next to her in his car and saying: 'Look, I'd better not go shopping today, I'll be all right without a jumper this winter season. Let me better get you to hairstylist, since I see that your hair is splitting."

For a woman, the best gentleman is the guy to whom his wife says, "Hey, I liked a fur coat lately in some dress shop for 10 000 dollars. I need it badly!" And the ideal gentleman responds to his lady: "Fine, I will take a compensatory leave tomorrow, I am going to take a credit in my bank first thing in the morning, then we'll go shopping all day long, I am looking forward to get something very high-priced!"

An ideal gentleman for a lady, is that who goes to a bathroom in the morning and then his significant other gets up a little bit later, then enters shower, and discovers a big steamed heart in the bathroom mirror on the wall!

For a madam, the best gentleman is the one who comes home from work, takes a sit in front of TV, and you put food in front of him, but he exclaims: "I will not gorge in the lounge! What of it, that the national team is tonight playing in the Football World Cup, this is not a reason! An ideal guy must garbage down in the kitchen! And either we go to the Ikea tomorrow, or I do not know what would happen to the Earth!"

An ideal guy for a lady is when it is four o'clock in the morning and you comfortably lie on a couch and watch a melodrama on DVD, and he all of a sudden turns to you and you notice that he is crying too! since it is unimaginable not to weep when Hugh Grant was dumped by a girl.

For a lady, a perfect gentleman is he who scrambles out of a parked automobile and says: "Darling, you parked the automobile flawlessly, my Lexus was already crumpled!"

Dear girls, I am praying you with love. Take care of your males even if they are not ideal!

Author's Bio: 

Joanna Anders has been writing about men's and women's psychology in a humorous way, which she believes will alleviate the issues and friction that often occur in modern couples lives