Internal medicine doctors, also known as an "internists," should NOT be confused with an "intern" who happens to be a doctor undergoing his first year of residency training. You will have many people simply stumped with the latter statement, for not many know who exactly is an internal medicine doctor what he or she specializes in.

The History of the phrase "Internal Medicine"

The term "internal medicine" is derived from the German term innere Medizin, which was used to describe doctors that combined the science and study of medicine in the lab with the treatment and care for their patients. The reason this phrase translated over into the United States is because of the American doctors who studied medicine in Germany and brought the practice back to the United States.

What is the role of an "internists"

An internal medicine doctor is a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of adult diseases. They are trained to handle patients suffering from a multitude of ailments, anywhere from minor to severe chronic illnesses. Often known as the "doctor's doctor," and is also consulted by physicians from other disciplines who may be grappling with a confusing diagnosis. So now you know who you can consult or refer your patients to when you find a case particularly confusing-Our specialists have been providing acute diagnostic and effective treatment services for years and have legions of satisfied physicians and patients to vouch for our claims.

These physicians help his or her patients by not only taking care of their diseases but also counseling and educating them so that they are better able to prevent diseases and promote and maintain their health. Additionally, an "internist"can advise patients on diverse medical issues like mental health, substance abuse, specific health concerns afflicting women, and on how to treat common problems that may affect the ears, nose, skin, reproductive organs, and nervous system.

"Internists" may also work in the role of a Primary Care Physician but his services must not be confused with those of a family practitioner, general practitioner, or a family physician who are NOT especially trained to treat adult diseases.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding about what the role of an internal medicine doctor is, and can make the decision to go see your local doctor for your ailments. Or if you have any questions, be sure to ask them and get the answers you are looking for.

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