ASTPP is one of the pioneer VoIP products. It has been in existence since 2003. It has catered to many small to large scaled VoIP businesses with its amazing range of features. The most interesting fact about ASTPP is that it is an open source solution. It means it is available for free with lifetime license. Anyone can use this open source VoIP solution for free. In fact, anyone can use white label smart telephony platform , which is ASTPP, for free. It has gone through an interesting journey and in this article, you will learn about the same.

In 2003, Mr. Darren Wibe, introduced this open source VoIP billing solution. In fact, he had developed it for one of his projects and then made it an open source. It used to work as an Asterisk to Postpaid billing and that is why it was an open source VoIP billing solution for Asterisk based systems. In 2006, he had introduced FreeSWITCH in ASTPP and then stopped updating the ASTPP version with Asterisk. Till 2009, Mr. Darren Wibe kept on making Upgradation in ASTPP FreeSWITCH version. However, in 2009, his business focus shifted to some other industry and he left this open source system.

The ASTPP had many contributors at that time as well because it was an open source VoIP billing solution. However, as the main leader abandoned it, slowly and gradually, all community members dispersed and this open source VoIP billing solution stayed untouched for many years.

In 2013, after 4 long years, two Indian technopreneurs, Mr. Samir Doshi and Mr. Arpit Modi, came across a project while running a VoIP software business in India. During a VoIP solution development, they started exploring this open source VoIP billing solution. They adopted this solution and made some tweaks in it to make it useful. However, the ASTPP failed to work the way it should have. For many years, they kept on working on performance of this open source VoIP solution as well as they worked on improving user interface and user experience in the system by implementing better designs and screen layouts.

After many failures, finally, in 2016, the most stable and powerful version of ASTPP got released. It was named as ASTPP 3 and it received a lot of appreciation as well.

The official maintainers of ASTPP kept on updating this open source VoIP solution so it can cater to its users in a better way. In the recent past, in 2019, they have launched ASTPP 4.0. This is open source VoIP solution, not just a FreeSWITCH billing system; it is complete and smart telephony software. It has its in-built billing system, but it has many other amazing features in it which make it perfect for any VoIP business. This is one of the first open source smart VoIP solution. The ASTPP 4.0 is now available to use and anyone can download and setup its version 4.0 to run their business.

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