Older times would have been sympathetic towards ‘imperfect bodies’, but contemporary times are certainly not. Time takes a toll on anyone’s looks and your youthful looks may disappear with passing age. Women may lose breast volume due to several factors such as aging, genetics, dramatic weight changes and pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery or augmentation mammoplasty can restore the lost volume of your breasts and make you look younger and more attractive. It lifts, reshapes and contours the breast.

Who Is a Candidate for Augmentation Mammoplasty?
There are two prime reasons a woman may opt for this surgery – if she is not satisfied with the natural growth of the breast, or if she wishes for a more enhanced look. Well-balanced and enhanced breasts are considered more attractive. To correct any congenital defects in the development of the breast, women can choose this procedure. A woman’s body goes through a series of changes throughout her life. The most distinctive change occurs after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy a woman may experience drastic changes in the look, volume and feel of her breast. In such cases also, augmentation mammoplasty is a feasible solution.

Information about the Breast Enhancement Surgery
To lift the breast up for a more enhanced look the plastic surgeon places an implant under the breast tissue. You can choose the size of the implants fitting their need. The implants used are either saline filled or silicone-gel-filled. Both have silicone shells. Silicone implants come pre-filled, whereas saline implants are filled after the implant is placed in its pocket. Both types of implants are FDA approved. Silicone implants provide for a more natural feel.

This surgery is extremely personalized, as it not only gives you an option of changing the shape but also the size of the breasts. On the downside the procedure comes with its fair share of risk and complication. So it is advisable that the patient goes through all the details with their surgeon.

A Reliable Plastic Surgeon - Vital for a Successful Surgery
When it comes to any medical condition or service, being in experienced hands is most important. Plastic surgeries need to be handled with extreme care as any mistake can damage the appearance of the patient. In augmentation mammoplasty, what one needs to look for is how appropriate a surgeon is for this procedure as any licensed physician is lawfully allowed to undertake such surgeries.

Discuss your case and expectations thoroughly with the surgeon. Ask questions and clear any doubts that you have regarding the procedure. You can also ask for details of past cases handled by him.

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Dr Sean Boutros at Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Center performs breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery to increase the size of the breast. More details regarding breast augmentation is available at http://www.drseanboutros.com/breast-augmentation.html