An eCommerce software helps entrepreneurs to simplify their ordering process. Similarly, a CRM tool will make it easy to manage customer interactions.

When you want to organize your contacts and prospects properly, it is advised to use a CRM tool. Moreover, its usage can play a key role in improving sales performance.

If you think that usage of CRM tools is restricted only to contact management then you are completely wrong.

Did you know that a CRM software for eCommerce can help you to automate processes and streamline your work?

If you think that repeated manual tasks are jeopardizing your productivity, it is time to integrate your eCommerce platform with a CRM tool. Activities associated with marketing and sales can be automated using appropriate CRM software.

The biggest advantage of embracing automation is that you can devote your time on activities that help to increase your online sales. Automation significantly cuts down on the manual tasks your business needs.

Marketing Automation using Ecommerce CRM Software

Most CRM systems available today have pre-built marketing automation capabilities that can have a positive impact on your pipeline.

You can automate and streamline your various marketing activities that include email marketing, social media posting, lead nurturing and scoring, etc. So if you feel that your marketing department has become inefficient, incorporate a CRM tool into your business and expect a substantial improvement in their productivity.

A CRM tool with marketing automation feature will enable your marketing team to better qualify leads, which in turn will help to get higher revenue and boost growth.

The ability to setup automatic email campaigns is another feature that can be easily implemented using CRM tools. So when lead information is captured in CRM, an automated
response fires.

An email along with the text is automatically sent to the prospect. This allows you to contact your potential customers immediately, thereby increasing the chances of

You can even automate your qualified lead follow-up emails and increase your close rate. Overall, a CRM tool gives you the flexibility to setup and automate email campaigns based on different criteria.

Customer Service Automation via CRM Tool

Customer service tools are now an integral part of CRM software applications. These tools provide a surefire way to enhance customer experience.

An AI-powered chatbot is one such customer service tool that allows online consumers to chat with a virtual assistant. It is an excellent strategy to improve customer engagement.

One of the biggest advantages of AI-assisted chatbots is that they interact with online shoppers and provide service without any human intervention. Also, several studies have shown that the implementation of chatbots help to reduce customer service costs significantly.

Automated responses such as password reset emails is another customer service tool that is embedded within the CRM systems.

Report Generation

Are you using a B2B ecommerce software and looking for an easy way to generate various types of reports? A CRM tool can come to your handy.

Gain impressive insights about your business with CRM's built-in report generation tool. With a CRM software, report generation is no longer a manual process. Just select the metric for your report and you can generate it automatically in no time.

CRM tools enable you to create various types of reports within a fraction of the time. For instance, the profitability report will enable you to identify your most profitable customers. On the other hand, sales cycle report will provide details about the bottlenecks in your
sales cycle.

Also, most CRM systems come with report scheduling feature. With this feature, the system will automatically run reports at a specified date/time. You have to just configure an automated run schedule to automate the process of report generation.

Moreover, there is a provision to send reports automatically to the right person. All you have to do is setup the Report scheduler. Once it is done, reports will be sent to the recipient as an email attachment.

What is a CRM Quoting Software?

A CRM quoting software is a CRM system that comes with a built-in quoting tool. The quoting software is integrated with the CRM software application.

When you choose a CRM quoting software, it completely eliminates the need to buy a quoting tool separately and worry about integration. You can create a quote directly for any contact/customer stored in CRM.

All in all, a CRM software supports a wide range of automation that can significantly reduce the manual efforts required to manage customers.

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Arnaldo is an American writer for various digital news publications. After being in the eCommerce industry for more than 15 years, he has a good understanding of what it takes to make an eCommerce business successful.