What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates outside the authority of the central authority. There are several variants of cryptocurrency generated by forks. These include bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold and bitcoin diamonds. Here we discuss bitcoin
Bitcoin was created in 2009. Its purpose is to serve as a form of payment that is not subject to government oversight, delays in transfer, or transaction costs. However, most businesses and consumers have not adopted Bitcoin as a form of payment, and they are currently too volatile to provide legal alternatives to traditional currencies.

Bitcoin is currently used primarily as a form of investment. It can be said that its characteristics are more like commodities than traditional currencies. This is because it goes beyond the direct influence of a single economy and is largely immune to changes in monetary policy. Despite this, there are other factors that may affect the price of Bitcoin, which traders should bear in mind.

How does Bitcoin work
Bitcoin relies on two basic mechanisms to operate - the blockchain and the mining process.

A Blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared digital ledger that contains records of all bitcoin transactions. The most recent cryptocurrency transactions were combined by miners as “blocks”. These blocks are cryptographically protected before being linked to an existing blockchain. The blockchain can be accessed at any time, but only through the computing power of most networks.

A Mining

Mining is the process of securing each block to an existing blockchain. Once a block is fixed, a new cryptocurrency unit called "block reward" is released. Miners can inject these units directly into the market. Because they play a vital role in this process, miners can exert significant control over Bitcoin.

How does leveraged bitcoin trading work?
When you buy Bitcoin on an exchange, the price of a bitcoin is usually tied to the US dollar (USD). In other words, you sell dollars in order to buy bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin rises, you can sell it for profit, because Bitcoin is now worth more than it was purchased. If the price falls and you decide to sell, you will lose money.

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