World now a days is dependent on the data sharing and data securing. If the data of industry is safe and being held in positive hands, the company will be furnishing without any sort of infringement issues. Modern technology has introduced new methods of data saving and transportation of data has been made more secure and confidential. 

Organizations have to make track of their records, log books and ledgers are there to maintain. So it’s a keen need of time to adopt those new methods of data processing. Block chain, tremendously raising data sheets which are efficiently interconnected to each other. Cryptos word is a Greek which means hidden or secret. 

Actually this method of cryptography prevents the data to be seen, heard or manipulate by unauthorized personals. Here each block of data haves the function called CHF (cryptographic hash function) which is basically the mathematical algorithm which draw the data into bit stings of specific size. This function cannot be undone even by the owner. This facility is provided by the process called timestamp which securely record the data formation and time of data formation. Open block chains are very close to human machine interface. 

Block chain cannot be modify with respect to design. Talking about structure, it is decentralized but often open to public, but ultimately it do not bear any kind of alteration by any party. Verification and audit of data is allowed to the parties in open manner. This data is managed by random members using peer to peer arrangement of network. These special networks are based on the self-interest of organizations and are taken care by them.

How secure is it?

Basically motive of block chain is to target those people who do not trust each other so the data is shared between those people so no one can tamper the main data or manipulate the records. This cryptographic presentation is very strong and not possible to tamper. The data of the ledger is stored in shape of multiple files which are called nodes. This system is foolproof because of cryptographic presentation which is unique for the each block. To break that code of cryptography is impossible. When each block have its own hash of the next block it is not possible to exploit the data for both blocks. Computer crackers feel vulnerable to do so.

 The computer of the user is automatically connected to the block chain data, but if user is willing to connect the server, he can do so. Whenever the block chain is added the server is automatically updated and the data is shown to the public if it is public type block chain. More the data is shared by peer-to-peer method, manipulation of the data is more difficult. If any kind of hacker have to manipulate the data he have to decode each copy of the block chain present on the network.

How can I use block chain?

We can use the block chains in the form of crypto currencies in which the record of currency transactions is effectively tracked and can be controlled by the public user. Secondly we can use in form of smart contracts, which are tracked and implemented without human involvement. 

Also the finance industry are operating there ledgers by this platform for banking. Banks have deep interest in this because backup saving is automatically done at this platform. Use by the banks have given the option of STO's (security token offerings). 

How many types are there of block chain?

Four types are adopted globally like public block chain, which have full disclosure to the public. Anyone can use it freely and offer the transactions freely. Private block chains requires the proper invitation to use by the 3rd party. Hybrid block chains are the one which can be used as public or private block chain. 

Overview—How it works?

Block chains stores the data which is important for someone, somewhere. When the data is being stored in the block of
blockchain, the multiple blocks collaborate with each other at network level. If the consumer has the transaction to process, it must be verified. Public records will also be the part of your data visuals. Your transaction data will be the part of it. One the payment is verified transactions will be added to the block of data containing the records of more like this one. Every new block added is given a new has for the sake of data security.  

To protect the illustrations, inventions and secret information’s of different organizations block chain is used and will be used in future with more efficient firewall systems.

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