The world is going digital and no business can afford to ignore digital marketing in today's internet age. There are various digital marketing channels that can help businesses promote their brand, products and services. Bulk SMS is one of the digital marketing channel that can be effectively used by businesses. Bulk SMS marketing is a process of sending out SMS messages to a large no. of people at the same time. It is sending of SMS messages in bulk to the target audience for promotional or informational (transactional) purposes.

There are bulk SMS organizations, who have contracted with the telecom providers to distribute their SMS in bulk to the actual users (clients). These bulk SMS organizations act as a link between telecom providers and users. Necessary technical setup has been prepared by these bulk SMS providers at their end to facilitate the process of sending SMS in bulk

Types of Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most effective and affordable way to increase your company's profit and be present on the market and is divided into Transactional Bulk SMS and Promotional Bulk SMS and we will address both in detail the here article.

Transactional Bulk SMS.

This type of Bulk SMS contains info a few dealing, a service or product that are invited by a consumer. Transactional Bulk SMS is usually used for messenger corporations, travel agencies, airlines, academic system, and aid system.

Travel Agencies realize it easier to transmit info concerning bookings, tickets, confirmations, however they conjointly use Bulk SMS as a Promotional tool, so as to advertise new offers, destinations etc.

The Airlines business has shrink prices drastically by exploitation Bulk SMS so as to transmit notifications to their passengers like gate numbers, tickets, minute changes, booking confirmations, flight information's so on. As a result of receiving associate degree SMS is completed instantly, passengers will see the notifications easier and manage their time a lot of with efficiency.

The Educational System has used Transactional Bulk SMS for notifications concerning faculty schedule, students attending, report cards, exams, teacher- parent conferences and completely different announcements.

The aid System is benefiting Transactional Bulk SMS by reducing the quantity of patients UN agency miss their doctor's appointment and so saving plenty of cash and time. This methodology will be used for reminding patients of their prescriptions and drugs theme.

Promotional Bulk SMS.

Promotional Bulk SMS facilitates your company in causing new offers, promotions, coupons and discounts and can have a large impact on your sales. With a high come and low value, this promoting tool is incredibly effective and can facilitate boost your company's financial gain, conjointly serving to you scale back your prices. Promotional Bulk SMS is employed by retailers, e-commerce firms, travel agencies, assets, insurance firms and banks and therefore the list goes on.

Insurance corporations and banks use Bulk SMS for each Transactional and Promotional functions, on one hand providing notifications concerning the services purchasers square measure already exploitation, like insurance expiration dates, transactions, statements and on the opposite presenting new offers, promotions then on.

The use of mobile phones is growing by leaps and bounds, SMS messages can be sent instantly, which has got a very high open rate. Also, SMS messages are considered to be very economical in nature than any other form of marketing medium. Bulk SMS service has become an integral part of any marketing campaign in today's internet age. Ignorance of bulk SMS marketing is the ignorance of business opportunity.

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