A group of bull market securities is the financial market where prices are either rising or expected to grow. The term bull market is often used in the context of the stock market but can also be applied to the market of bonds, real estate, currencies and commodities etc. Since the price of the securities continuously increases and falls during the trading period, the term bull market is generally used for the extended period, in which prices of a large portion of the shares are rising. The bull market can last for months or even years.

When the investor is optimistic, confident, and hoping that the results of the companies are continuously improved, there is a psychological environment in the market that helps in further improving the market. It is difficult to predict how market psychology changes when it is changed. When all the disappointments are opposite to the bull market, they are called bearish or bear market. When the bull market ends and no one can predict when it will start the bearish market.

The market trend is not always the same. not bullish nor bearish But one thing to understand is that in the long term i.e. the bullish market is always in the long term. In the same Bullish period, sometimes long Bearish periods come. In the long beer season, there are also small shorter bulls times. But eventually, the market is bullish. If the Sensex has increased from 100 to 34000 then it means that the market is always bullish in the long run.

The bull market usually happens when the economy is getting stronger or already strong. Strong gross domestic product (GDP) and unemployment are declining. Often, the increase in corporate profits with it works as a protection for the market. The bull market strengthens the trust of the investors, which leads to further strengthening of the market. In such an environment, companies are getting more and more IPOs. In the bull market, more and more people want to buy shares, but few people want to sell shares. This increases the demand for shares, due to which the market conditions are rising.

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