The first time I started wearing bulletproof armored clothing it reminded me of when I was a kid and playing cops and robbers. There is always that one annoying kid that says how their puffer vest is actually bulletproof. Well, now I would be that kid, but in real life. And there is no better feeling.

There are only three things to consider when buying bulletproof clothes:
● Weight
● Protection Level
● Appearance
On top of that, there are both practical benefits and some pleasant effects when you have your body armor hidden inside your clothes.

Finally, the practical advantage is that these can be the clothes you wear every day. They are comfortable enough to wear as your regular clothes, and the toughest models will stop a .44cal Magnum. There are few things that can offer that level of convenience and are used strictly for protection.

Bulletproof Armored Clothing are Comfortable

Armored clothing, ranges from simple singlets and T-shirts to vests, hoodies, and jackets. Depending on the climate and time of year, you may wear just your armored shirt and nothing else.

Also, they are only marginally thicker than their non-ballistic counterparts. This means that you can wear a normal jacket, or a coat, over your armored clothing. This will make your covert armor even less visible and your movements as natural as if you were wearing normal attire.

And, when it comes to comfort, the Armored Hoodie, from UARM stands above everything else. The weight of the armor combined with the soft inner layer makes this hoodie even more comfortable than any regular style. It is like a weighted blanket that you can wear everywhere.

And, it can stop any handgun bullet with NIJ Level IIIa protection. Unlike the blanket which gives only emotional protection, this one actually stops bullets.

The possible downside, or an unexpected upside, to the weight is that your girlfriend probably won’t be able to wear your XL hoodie everywhere. Being slightly over 8lbs, it may be too much for petite builds.

They Can Be Worn Every Day

Probably the biggest advantage of bulletproof armored clothes is that they can be worn every day, for the whole day. Some items like the Covert Armored Singlet from UARM, weigh less than 3lbs even in the biggest sizes.

You can put it on the same way as you would put an undershirt and stay protected. The only time you will remember that you have it is when you actually need it.

Wrap-around Protection

Unlike most types of body armor, armored clothes have an option to cover a much larger area. As they are soft and light, they can cover the sides and around the waist with the same protection as they would with the front.

Because of this, they are an ideal choice for those who work dangerous jobs that are not directly connected with security. You can manage the till in a shop or a liquor store without raising the eyes of your customers with an overt vest, and still be protected from shady people who want to do you harm.

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