Nowadays, it seems like the life of every individual is hosted by technological advancement. With the advancement in technology and increase in reachability, people are slowly becoming dependent on it. The ever-changing world of high-tech gadgets and devices introduces a load of technical idioms which is not completely understood by many people. Cached data is one of the technical terms which everyone would have listened to but few people would have a thorough idea about what is cached data?

So what is cached data?

In general terms, cached data can be explained as data stored by applications on the phone for faster access to data which are being commonly used every day. The cached data is stored to reduce the load of the app on the RAM of the mobile phone. The cached data acts like a helper to the processor. It stores some pattern data so that the future requests for the same app or data can be served faster. It would be correct to say that it is like a log which keeps track of the processes which were done to complete a task, and helps the processor when the same request is made in the future.

What is the need to clear cached data?

The cached data stored helps to boost the speed of the phone but gradually the amount of cached data increases with the increased mobile activities. The cached data will gradually need more storage space. It becomes unnecessary to give such an important and large storage space to cached data. Cleaning the cached data will free the space and it is also necessary as a part of the troubleshooting process. To resolve the problems which arise because of corrupted cache data one needs to perform cache data cleaning. With the Android updates, the need for cleaning the data on your own is reduced. The updated android system manages cache efficiently and therefore the need to clean cache on your own is reduced.

How to clear system cache?

To clear cache on Android KitKat, lollipop and marshmallow, switch off your Android device using the power button.

1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power key of your device until you see a screen with some options.

2. Choose the recovery option mentioned on the screen with the help of the volume key for navigation.
When the recovery option is highlighted on the screen use the power key to confirm your selection.

3. You will see a red triangle icon appearing on the screen, then press the volume up key and power key simultaneously. Then choose the wipe cache selection, using the volume key for navigation and power key for confirmation.

4. Your Android device will begin clearing the cache partition. After it finishes, reboot the device by choosing the option using the power key.

How to clear app cache?

To clear cache for all the Android apps in one go, follow these steps:

1. Head into the Settings menu of your device by pulling down the notification shade and tapping on the gear icon.

2. Look for storage option and tap on it.

3. Choose for the option named cached data and you will notice a pop-up screen which will ask for confirmation.

4. Tap on OK to completely erase all cached data from the system.

After cleaning the phone cache data the apps may take slightly longer to open. This is because the device needs the time to recreate the cache files again. By the second time, the app will open faster.

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