Cannabis concentrate is an oil-like substance that contains concentrated chemical compounds like CBD or THC from the marijuana plant. There are many methods available that separate these cannabinoids from the plant material and distill them into cannabis concentrate. To complete the extraction process, solvents like water, alcohol, CO2, butane and ethanol are used to create a very potent end product.

These products, which come in various forms like shatter, hash, wax,oil and budder to name a few, are used through vaporizing or dabbing. These concentrated extracts deliver a highly potent way of consuming marijuana. Although some of these products are not yet legal in some areas, they’re expected to quickly enter the marketplace once they’re allowed to do so.

With the entry of concentrates, the cannabis industry appears to be in some sort of unprecedented renaissance where strains have become stronger, consumption methods have become numerous, and availability becoming greater than ever. In fact, medical grade cannabis averages at 20 percent THC now, which is three times more than what people back in the sixties enjoyed.

A few decades back, smoking was the preferred way of enjoying cannabis. Now, it’s been usurped by edibles and vaping as more and more people opt for these methods instead, making oils and concentrates more popular commodities compared to the actual flowers where they are derived from. It’s only a matter of knowing how long we can keep up with this path to pure THC distillate.

Cannabis concentrates were almost impossible to find a few years ago; now, they’ve become a mainstay in the commercial cannabis industry. These days, we’re seeing concentrates being used in up to 95 percent of the branded marijuana products available today. It’s essentially becoming the base for all cannabis products, from vape oils to cannabis edibles to vape cartridges.

This evolution of concentrates is also changing our methods of consuming cannabis. Every year, we see more products reaching the market along with more innovative extraction and concentration methods being developed. Many patients are looking for products with higher potency, so this is a natural step up for them. This has led to an increase in a vape and dabbing pens.

But this doesn’t just apply to vape and dabbing pens; experts are envisioning a whole new ecosystem of devices to deliver cannabis. We’re already hearing of oil diffusers for cooking, transdermal patches, and even Albuterol-like inhalers. We can expect more to come, as innovators are hard at work inventing new and healthy methods of cannabis consumption.

Whether places are looking into the legalization of marijuana or not, there seems to be very little that can be done to slow down the cannabis industry’s momentum. Its fate will be determined by cultural, technological, and economic factors. For now, though, it’ll continue to rise as its demand continues to grow, especially now that many places are allowing for adult and medical use.

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