Changing how you feel by changing how you think!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is an advanced type of counselling and psychotherapy that offers powerful and practical ways to solve psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and self esteem issues by working on them in partnership with the therapist.

The essence of CBT is that how you feel is greatly affected by how you think, ‘cognitive’ meaning ‘the way you think’ (see home page). For example two people can go through the same event, such as the break-up of a relationship, but feel differently about it because they think differently about it. By focussing on how you think (your beliefs), CBT quickly identifies the cause of psychological problems and can help you make changes that bring lasting benefit.

CBT is recommended by the HSE and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE Guidelines) in the UK. Based on scientific principles and research, it is the first line treatment for a wide variety of psychological disorders including anxiety and depression.

You may have sought CBT yourself, been recommended it by your GP, or been referred to me by your consultant psychiatrist, employer or insurance company. Whichever route you have taken, I am committed to providing you with the very highest standard of clinical care in a comfortable relaxed environment.

Time Magazine (20/01/03) has stated that Cognitive Therapy is "quick, practical, goal oriented." It involves three primary activities: a) Education, b) Skill Building, and c) Problem Solving. During treatment, the client actively applies strategies learned to the problems which brought them to therapy. If indicated, Cognitive Therapy is also compatible with the use of prescribed medication.

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My professional training has been exclusively in CBT. I trained initially in Belfast and then I did further advanced training in CBT in the renowned Kings College London, where I trained in the BECK/PADESKY model (this is the main CBT model).