Clairvoyance sounds like a fancy word, but it`s simply the ability you have to imagine. If I say, Picture a red apple, and you can do it, you are clairvoyant.

You will hear different psychic abilities referred to as Clair- this and Clair- that. Clair means clear and voyance refers to seeing. So clairvoyance is clear seeing.

If I were to teach you to develop your abilities, I would start with asking you to imagine. Another way to look at clairvoyance is that it`s our ability to see pictures in our mind.

Psychic abilities are basically abilities beyond the 5 physical senses. No one seems to question that we can imagine things, but most people seem to think clairvoyance is a special skill that only a few have. Not so.

So when I teach, I keep it really simple to start. I might ask you to close your eyes and imagine a rose, then let the image dissolve in your mind.

From there we`d take it a step further. I`d ask you to close your eyes, think of someone you know, and imagine a rose that represents them in this moment.

This is where the fun begins. Based on what you see in the rose such as its color, shape, size, or environment—you will have insights about the person you thought of.

For example, if you see a deep red rose in full bloom with the sun shimmering on it, you might infer that this person is a passionate person who fully expresses him or herself, and who is blessed with good fortune. By contrast, if you see a new, white bud– you might guess that this person is about to embark on a new beginning.

Try this exercise now. Close your eyes and think of a person you know, and then ask for a rose to appear that represents where they`re at this moment.

Don`t worry if what you see is a little blurry or if the images flash into your awareness and then quickly disappear. It doesn`t have to look like a movie , in fact most people feel like they`re making things up.

I have had amazing success with students using this exercise. In my classes, I ask people to pair up and say the name of someone they know, as their partner describes the rose they see.

Often, the students question what they see and then hear, You`re right on! Repeat experience builds confidence, and then we move on to more complex questions.

One time, I had a student who hesitated to even speak because he didn`t see a rose at all. I said, That`s ok, what do you see?

He explained the images were bizarre and I said That`s ok, tell us anyway. As it turns out, he saw a Hawaiian shirt and a certain type of car, which he described.

After the man shared, he looked at his partner whose jaw had dropped open. His partner had given him his father`s name, and shared that his father drove that specific car, and was about to take a trip to Hawaii!

He never would have recognized these abilities if we had not tried the exercise, and taken a risk to express what he saw! We are all psychic, and by simply getting quiet and reflecting on someone or something, we tend to receive images and other input.

Enjoy practicing your clairvoyance using this simple rose exercise, and please post your experiences below!

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Ann O'Brien is an intuitive living teacher offering spiritual readings, energy healing and education to help you realize your spiritual power, radiant health and ecstatic relationships. Working with thousands of clients and students worldwide for over a decade, Ann brings the mystical down to earth and makes it practical, fun, accessible and empowering. She is the creator of the program, "Jump Start Your Intuition: Simple Daily Meditation Tips to Increase Wealth, Improve Health & Give You Peace of Mind" along with her in-depth Intuitive Training Program. .
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