Fossil fuel-based energy sources will always be around, but their future is cloudy at best due to global warming. The best option is still clean energy since solar energy and wind energy are excellent sources of alternative power that are incredibly reliable and much more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel-based sources. If we want to minimize our carbon footprint, then switching away from fossil fuels to clean energy should be your number one priority. We’ve been using different sources of energy for centuries. Green and clean energy sources are slowly replacing fossil fuels.

1. Clean Energy Sources

What is the difference between green and clean energy? Even though they are usually considered to be the same, there is a slight difference between them. Green energy is the energy generated from natural sources.

Clean energy is gained from natural sources that don’t pollute the atmosphere and environment. There are many sources of clean energy from solar, wind to geothermal power.

Solar energy

The Sun has always been the source of life. People have always used its warmth to produce food or to warm themselves. Nowadays, we use sunlight to produce electricity for our homes. The energy can be obtained by using solar panels or solar power plants.

Wind energy

Another great source of clean energy is wind. In this case wind turbines turn wind energy into electricity. As this is the most affordable source of energy, there are many wind power stations all over the US. California, Texas, and Kansas are some of the states with wind power stations.

Geothermal power

Geothermal power comes from the Earth’s core. It can be used directly for heating or as a source of electricity. The process of electricity creating is similar to coal power plants. Yet, geothermal power doesn’t have any negative impacts on the environment.

2. Advantages And Disadvantages

Even though they are environmentally friendly and can save you a lot of money on your electricity bills it is very expensive to manufacture and construct the stations.

Also, clean energy sources are highly dependable on weather conditions. The electricity production can be slowed down or even stopped, due to unfavorable weather conditions.

On the other hand, there are numerous benefits of clean energy. Its sources are clean and safe. With clean energy, we don’t have to worry about harmful leakages or other natural disasters.

Clean energy sources don’t emit any harmful gases while generating electric power. Also, they are reliable sources of energy as they can’t run out.

Some other benefits include reducing your carbon footprint. Also, certain renewable energy options can help you save on your electricity bill.

3. Clean Living Tips For A Sustainable Life

Sustainability is a term we often hear these days. But, what does it really mean?

Sustainability means that you are ready to make small lifestyle changes. It is important to become aware of our role and start making less harm to the environment.

Other than looking into renewable resources to power you're home it is important to practice energy efficiency and sustainability in your everyday life. These seemingly small steps can benefit the environment as well as your finances by lowering your energy cost and Oncor Energy bills. Here’s what can help you start living a clean and sustainable life.

Lights and bulbs

Next time you go shopping for light bulbs choose LED bulbs over traditional ones. They use about 75% less energy to make light and they last much longer.

Use as much natural light as possible before you turn on lights in your Texas home. When you don’t need the lights anymore turn them off before leaving the room.

Dry your clothes outside

Clothes dryers are great things, but they use a lot of energy. So, let the sunshine do the drying for you instead of turning on your dryer each time. It saves both electricity and money.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our cars produce vast emissions of carbon dioxide and cause huge damage to the environment. So, think twice before you start your engine next time. Maybe going to work on foot is not a bad idea after all?

Final thoughts

There are plenty of environmental and economic benefits of clean energy sources. They reduce global warming effects but they can also reduce your electricity bills. Could it be the future of energy production?

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