Surfacing during the global pandemic, in April 2020 the voice-based social media platform was created as a call to arms. It was an app where venture capitalists and social media pioneers gathered to mingle with each other while in quarantine. Think of it as listening to a podcast or being on a conference call. All you have to do is listen, but you’re also highly encouraged to join in the conversation.

However, unlike other platforms, there’s no record of activity or analytics to measure - unless you purchase a third-party app to do so. It is currently invite-only as it is in beta mode, but it is looking to open to the public sooner rather than later.

Within the application, there are virtual “rooms” you can create with a specific discussion topic. Moderators and speakers are appointed, and certain people from the audience section are given the opportunity to ask questions while others join simply to listen in.

For example, at eWomenNetwork, we host an Accelerated Networking Power Hour to allow female entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with other female entrepreneurs from around the world. People will come up to the virtual stage to introduce themselves and before you know it, connections start being made and people are able to obtain valuable insight.

Another good thing to note is that there’s no pressure in consistently being on the app posting about your day because the only two things you have to update/upload are a profile photo of yourself and your bio.

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