The pigment ratio of colored masterbatches is very high when other masterbatch shapes and types are to be looked at. The state of pigmentation is very important. Of course, this differs from the company to the company. In terms of dispersion, the best yield is taken from this masterbatch type. We can say it's resistant to high heat. The light harvest is also moderate and gives a bright light. All paints, also known as masterbatches, are used for coloring plastic raw materials produced by inflating, flowing and extrusion methods. For bag types such as LDPE and PP, colorful masterbatch is often used. It is very important that the company has a quality control certificate for colored masterbatches.

In Which Area Is Color Masterbatch Used More? In Which Sectors Is Color Masterbatch Used?

Colorful masterbatch is used in many industries and fields, and as years go by, its use increases as the need grows. Here are the sectors where the colorful masterbatch is used most...

• Packaging industry
• Household items (pots, vases, armchairs, sofas, beds, kitchenware and many other types of items)
• Toy making industry (dolls, cars, animal figures, kitchen ware toys)
• Every product that enters the agricultural species (agricultural and seeding products, plant products)
• Furniture industry (many processes such as the process of coloring wooden furniture)
• Pipe and additional parts sectors (including industrial sector)
• Cosmetic industry (coloring of the packaging of all cosmetic products)
• Electrical and electronics sector (many products in the sector)
Sports equipment (all weights used when doing sports, sports equipment and similar items, products)
• Office equipment (tables, chairs, presentation equipment, trash cans)
• Bathroom accessories (hanger, mirror to hang towels)

What Are The Highlights of Color Masterbatch Use?

Color masterbatch; It consists of extrusion, film, pouring and blowing steps. Bright and vivid colors are of course important. But product safety is also important. Perfect office equipment and toys are produced as a result of the combination of visual quality with a sense of trust. Product colors appear as special options. It is also important to use quality colored masterbatch in order to achieve quality results. Of course, another way to get quality results is to work with a trusted company. Among many masterbatch types, the most common preferred is the color masterbatch. The only reason for this is that it is more useful and affordable. When we look at durability and many other different aspects, it's also the best color.

YMeeting the demand for new colors by achieving satisfactory results is related to the sampling process. Sisan can complete this phase rapidly due to the know-how, experience, and large color archive it possesses. New color works are monitored by qualified personnel.

Coloring Technical Plastics and Engineering Plastics is a much more delicate process compared to standard plastics. Sisan has acquired a serious amount of experience in this field. The expectations from Masterbatch's quality in these applications are much higher.

Fields of application where colored Masterbatches are used; Automotive, White Goods, Small Household Appliances, Cables, Panels, Thermoforms, Film Packaging, Blow Molding Packaging, Pipe Applications, Raphia, Tableware, Garden and Office Furniture, Toys, Promotion, etc.

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Color masterbatch is made up by 2 main components: the colorants and the polymer-specific carrier resin.