It always feels good when you have thousands of Followers on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media sites, but its all waste and doesn’t mean anything if you get any action from these followers of yours. Your followers should respond to your tweets, blogs, posts beyond reading it.
Words are most powerful spell in the words if you know how to use the right word at right time it will dramatically increase conversion of your in your call to action. Creating a strong Call to Action phrase is crafting art. If you understand why a little change in the phrase is more effective and work better as Call to Action, definitely you will become a pro of crafting Call to Action.

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The Psychology of CTA Phrases
Call to Action (CTA) phrases are psychologically related to our brains, we always react on various phrases differently as per the content and context of the phrase. Let assume someone said to you that “Hey! two puppies crashed into each other” and other guy said “Oh! two vehicles crashed into each other”. Two puppies crashing and two vehicle crashing sounds completely different one sounds cute and playful and second sounds mayhem. So, what is different in these two phrases, yes! the answer is the context of the phrase.
If you really want action from your content reader you must try to tap into his/her emotions, that’s is the basic principle of creating a call to action (CTA). If you are a marketer your primary and only goal is to influence the visitor/ reader and to influence an action. Always use your word with right context to get customers to follow through.
Most of the advertiser makes mistakes here only and give all their focus on the product and services instead of customer benefit while crafting the call to action. You should not make this mistake, always focus on benefit of the reader while creating the call to action. Here’s where most marketers mess up. When you are creating call to action for your product or services instead of the benefit the reader will get for taking the action. Please keep it in mind “Most of the people don’t drink coca cola just because it’s coca cola. They drink it because they are thirsty, and they enjoy drinking it”.
Remember, the content of your sales page, blog post or the post of your social media platform is everywhere, it always surrounds your call to action. CTA is all about driving the reader not to provide the content or what product you’re offering.
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The Art of CTA Phrases
Now you are aware of what is Call to Action and now you should know when to use the right CTA i.e. Call to Action. Always use simple words which attract your reader like you should use the word “free” instead of “without cost”, it really attracts more. These are small changes but make biggest change and impact on your visitors and audience.
There are some amazing books available in market to provide better understanding of the art of call to action phrases
1. Ca$hvertising
2. Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain
3. Words that Sell: More than 6,000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas
Call to Action Phrases That Convert
There may be chance that writing a big list of CTAs help you but as we said above most effective way is to use these CTA as required i.e. correctly. We have jotted down some results which will help you.
CTA Phrases for Persuasion
If your aim is to encourage people to go for your product or service, you can use these phrases into your call to action:
You should need to use the word “You” it makes amazing change in engagement, it makes the conversation one by one and readers feel like you are taking to them directly. As per some data personalized call to action CTA converts 42 % better than normal CTA. Make it thumb rule to use You or Your word whenever possible to attract more reader.
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CTA Phrases to Create a Sense of Urgency/Scarcity
Try to make things more urgent for the customers as creating a sense of urgency tends customers to take action immediately instead of holding the tasks like online purchase of any product. There are multiple times when tomorrow never comes and customer does not make any purchase, to avoid such issues try to add urgency in your call to action. The sooner the people take action the better it is for you and your brand. Here we have compiled some effective call to action phrases that will make people to rush & grab what you’re selling:
Only Y days left
Limited supply
Closing soon
While supplies last
Today only
Last chance
Offer ends on “date”
This basically means people are more emotionally drawn to losing things than they are at gaining them. That makes you more likely to jump on a good deal to avoid losing out on the opportunity.
The phrases above imply scarcity. If you want to avoid losing out on the offer, you don’t have time to wait around and waste time for think it over. There are few companies that do this better than Amazon. The Amazon Lightning deals are the ultimate example of creating both scarcity and a sense of urgency at the same time.
CTA Phrases to Watch Interest
Sometimes it happens when you do not have to sell something to your customer, instead of that you want your customer to engage by filling up some form or reply with some feedback. There may be chance that your goal is to test the water a little bit by gauging the interest in a particular product or service you’re thinking of launching.
Here we have compiled some effective call to action phrases that will help you see how interested your audience is:
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