It is close to impossible to get rid of fat entirely as it is a natural component of the human skin. However, fat becomes an issue of cosmetic concern when it is unevenly distributed in strategic places in the body. Protrusion of fat on the arms, buttocks and thighs attracts a lot of cosmetic critics and subsequent self-esteem issues to the individual who has them, these are called Cellulitis.

Cellulitis occurs when there is an uneven distribution of fat within the body compartment leading to protrusion of such part and subsequent overstretching of the overlying skin which may predispose such women to sag skin in the future. It is to be noted that if the standard structure and arrangement of the body tissue is altered, the only way for the fat cells to go is upwards. This sometimes occurs irrespective of the size or stature of a woman as it is found in thin women as well as regular sized women.

The muscles of these susceptible areas are attached to bones by fibrous bands which also helps to keep the skin in proper shape. Derma Roller Cellulite results when the fibrous bands are not firm enough thereby allowing spaces that cause fat cells to go upward towards the dermis thereby causing bumpy skin. Measures such as exercise and eating right and a balanced diet are helpful in the preventing cellulite and keeping the skin firm and toned.

In the treatment of cellulite, dermatologist intervention is advised as the individual will have to undergo procedures such as derma rolling or micro needling therapy to gradually get rid of the cellulite. This derma rolling or micro needling therapy is one of the many treatment options in which a handheld device known as a Derma Roller is used. This procedure is widely used because it is affordable, efficient and easy to undergo and it has lesser side effects.

The use of Derma Roller

The Derma roller device can be purchased by an individual for personal and continuous use in case of minor skin conditions. However, in the case of cellulite, expertise treatment is advised, hence a certified dermatologist should be contacted for the procedure. Multiple sessions of derma rolling are required because it requires more than one session of the method to experience evident changes

How does a Derma Roller Work?

Derma-rolling therapy which is also known as micro-needling therapy is a cosmetic and aesthetic procedure in which a Derma roller device is used to get rid of cellulite. The site of concern is mostly the thighs and buttocks as cellulite are mostly found on both locations. A Derma roller is a portable machine or device that is made up of micro-needles; these micro-needles are used in the therapy to penetrate the skin thereby causing micro-injury.
The injury caused by the penetration is what enhances the production of elastin and collagen in the skin layers which leads to repair of body tissue and formation of new skin cells. The skin thickens as the derma roller reaches the dermis thereby preventing fat cells from protruding and reaching the dermis. The injury caused thereabout heals up with time.

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