eBooks are approved and effective lead magnets. They help you market your blog or business so fast. The problem with them, however, is in their creation. Much skills and experience are needed to create eBooks. If you don't have the skills, you'll be obliged to outsource them, and this is where things can get messy. There's, however, help from the experts, and one of the helpful tools from top e-commerce gurus is Designrr.

What Is Designrr?

It's a cloud-based content transformation tool. Designrr can change your videos, PDFs, podcasts, and other content into transcripts, webpages, eBooks, PDFs, and more. It is an ideal tool for creating such marketing pieces as lead magnets and others. You can use it to create an eBook from a website/Facebook/videos, or a transcript from a podcast, and back. It will always perform "its thing" in minutes, saving you a lot of time.

Who Is The Author?

The reputation of the author of any service can help you judge its trustworthiness. That's why Designrr's author profile is essential.

His name is Paul Clifford Bannister. Paul is the founder, as well as CEO of PageOne Traffic Limited. He's been in the software-building industry for over two decades. He's also worked with large companies like Deutsche Post, Nike, and Carrefour, among others. He's also the brain behind Kudani, a popular content marketing solution for beginners.

Who Is It Made For?

E-commerce enthusiasts, in their diversity, can all use Designrr to their advantage. Some of the qualified candidates for the service include but are not limited to;

✓ Small businesses
✓ YouTube creators
✓ Webinar marketers
✓ Course creators
✓ Podcasters
✓ Content marketers

How To Get Started

1. Select Your Source

You have the content that you want to repurpose in a particular format. Designrr will accept YouTube videos (which get transcribed), PDFs, Word documents, content from Facebook & websites, audio files, and more. After clicking the Create New Project icon, these options will pop up.

2. Review It

The content that you've imported has all the elements it had on the other file except ads and a few other unnecessary elements. Still, you need to edit it so that it suits the type of content you want to be sent to your target audience. You can add screenshots, pictures, and other elements.

3. Choose A Template

The number of templates to choose from Designrr's platform is contingent on your subscription package. For example, a Premium subscriber will get more than 200 templates to choose from.

4. Tweak The Content

Here, you can paginate the content, create a 3D cover image, and change the cover, among other things.

5. Publish It

You can now publish the work to your website, ePub, Kindle, and other platforms. The work will also be stored in your account so that losing it isn't expected.

The Bottom Line

It turns out that among other content repurposing tools, Designrr has proved its worth. Customers have reviewed it as a fast, versatile, and cost-effective solution to your marketing needs. It's been made by a successful and experienced internet entrepreneur who has a history of success in creating such tools. Better still, it's a cloud-based service that doesn't require any downloads. At this rate, this is so far the best tool I've met. It's worth your time and money, pals.

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