When we think of our destiny, we think of fulfilling our purpose and living our life as we are meant to. But what does this really mean? Are we not already living our life doing what we do every day? Are we not finding purpose in our life already? The question really is, does your life, right now, hold everything in it you want? Does it feel to you like you are living your dreams; are you actually fulfilled by what you do every day? Imagine destiny as a feeling that connects to you. See it as you being what you are meant to be because destiny is not just about doing what you are meant to do. For in life, what we do is not necessarily always the meaning behind our lives. How we live, how we feel, act, and interact with the world around us, this is us. How we live our lives is our destiny. Our purpose then is to live our life in the state of our greatest possibility.

We can live our life at a distance from our greatest possibility with our choices, actions, and predetermined ideas. We can get closer to our true destiny by listening to ourselves, feeling our way through our choices, and paying attention to what we do every day. It is obvious if you are living your life in the best possible way. Are you happy, content, and encouraged within to keep on going, excited and expectant about your life? Or are you empty of these emotions, lacking in resolve to become better, and absent and withdrawn from what is going on around you? Are you involved in your life? It is your life, your destiny, and your purpose to live the best possible life meant for you. Choose not to exist by the standards you set up, but by what feels right to you right now.

Far too often we get locked into living a certain way based upon our ideas of what we are, should become, and what we think is best for us. Far too easily we overlook what really matters and holds real meaning for us. We let the gift we have in this life slide away. We let go of our destiny for our agendas and thoughts. We let go of ourselves so that we can live the lives we set out to. We forget our dreams, and choose instead to believe we are already living our best possible life. Ask yourself one question, are you happy? Your destiny awaits you if you choose to seek your happiness over everything else. Begin by choosing yourself and your life, over the idea of it.

Choose what makes you happy, feels right, and above all else, excites you. For when you do this, this is your destiny. You do not have to know what your purpose is, what the right path is, or the meaning of your life. All you have to do is start living it like it matters. Have the goal of reaching for your happiness, for that is what matters most. You will find that by doing so, your destiny will be part of you in a much stronger and more apparent way. We cannot be afraid of obstacles, options, ideas, fears, or anything new, for destiny is change; it is dreams, options, excitement, and more than anything else, your own happiness.

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