Diabetes is such an ailment today which is one of the most heard of. Almost every family has instances of people having diabetes and if studies are to be trusted, one out of every four persons is a patient of diabetes. Back home, figures of the diabetes cases in India are not very promising. A recent study conducted by a leading newspaper tags India to be the diabetes capital of the world. These figures, on one hand, put a question mark on our understanding of diabetes and on the other hand, raise concerns over our existing resources and medical aids for diabetes and if they are enough! However, the above questions seem to be mostly addressed when you see the specialization and expertise of doctors at Marvel Multispecialty Hospital. Such characteristics make Marvel the best diabetes care hospital in Bangalore and India.

Knowing Diabetes:

In the above scenario, first it is largely important we know what diabetes is and how can it be classified! The food we eat transforms into blood glucose which is a prime source of our energy. This transformation is brought about by insulin, which is present in our internal organ pancreas and is generated here. Its objective is to extract glucose from the food ingested and send it to the cells from where it triggers energy. In the unfortunate event of the body not producing an adequate amount of insulin, at times in almost negligible amounts, this is when the problem starts shooting because the glucose does not transfer to the cells and it remains there in the blood itself. This situation leads to health a problem - referred to as diabetes. According to doctors, though Diabetes is a kind of ailment, it can only be managed and cannot be cured. Diabetes is classified into Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. A person is said to have Type 1 diabetes when his immune system is playing the spoilsport of destroying the cells which produce insulin. A patient of Type 1 diabetes may be advised to fulfill the quota of insulin through external means. Type 2 is a relatively common one among the two. In this, the person's body is either not generating insulin properly and is not generating at all. Gestational diabetes occurs in women during their pregnancy period. The threat here is that diabetes is most likely to transform into the baby. Gestational diabetes holds a higher probability of getting converted into type 2 diabetes in the lady's later years.

Knowing Dialectology:

Dialectology is the study of diabetes and its various categories. It helps doctors to accurately diagnose the patient and come to a conclusion and provide further courses of medication. Specialists who are involved in it are known as dialectologists. An unforeseen combination of highly advanced infrastructure and expertise gets visible at the hospital. You get top advice from the diabetologists at Marvel Hospital as every aspect of the ailment and your condition are sagaciously discussed with you. Medicinal prescription thus advised turns out to be remarkably helpful to the patients and they are on the way to recovery – which is here to keep their glucose in check. Based upon the specialization of doctors in dialectology at Marvel Hospital, even the most complex cases and most anguished diabetes patents find unparallel support and solace. Diabetology is an in-depth scientific study and so, it helps the doctors to treat diabetes-associated complications as in retinopathy, the severe risk for the patients’ eyes, nephropathy and peripheral neuropathy. In short, the list for the best diabetes hospital in Bangalore cannot be said to be complete without including the name of Marvel Hospital in Bangalore.

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Marvel is a standout amongst other diabetes clinics in India for diabetic screenings and diabetes or prediabetes treatment. Our group of master diabetologists and prepared restorative staff offer great consideration for the different stages and sorts of diabetes. The cutting edge idle style has added to the quick ascent of the disease.