Clear your mind and relieve the stress of everyday life as you learn a new hobby and create an amazing work of art.

What is Diamond Painting?

The painting diamond basically combines the techniques of cross stitch and paint by numbers. But instead of embroidering with a line or painting with paint, you apply little resin "diamonds" to an adhesive canvas following a coded guide, like some kind of caption.

Also called tiles, the vibrantly colored small diamonds are about 2.5 mm in size and, applied one by one with the help of a special pen, will form the design printed on the canvas and create amazing artwork that shines and shines. they charm like real diamonds.

This technique was created in 2015 and has emerged as an easier, faster and more therapeutic alternative to cross stitch and other similar handiwork. It doesn't require a great level of skill, such as knowing how to paint or draw, because with the
Diamond Painting kit you have all the materials you need, plus a complete guide to practice the activity step by step.

How to Do Diamond Painting?

For diamond painting , you simply combine the number contained in a particular diamond color with the number printed on an area of your canvas, applying the matching pebbles as per the caption. For example, if green stones are identified with the number 7, you will apply them all to areas of the screen that have the number 7 as well.

When positioning the pebbles, it is important to note their shape, as this makes it easier to pick them up with the pen and stick them on the screen. This is because one side of the diamond is flat, which is glued to the canvas, while the other has a raised texture, called 5D , giving the design a shiny and outstanding effect finish.

When you finish pasting all the pebbles and filling in the entire canvas design , you will have an amazing and very rewarding result. Best of all, it can be framed with a glass and frame, so you can display your work and still decorate your home any way you like.

A delightful new hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby for your spare time? Already practiced in many countries around the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, diamond painting has proven to be a very therapeutic pastime for people of all ages, as well as being extremely relaxing and fun. Spending an hour or more doing the activity after a long day at work can greatly help to relax and empty your head.

Also, learning something new is always inspiring and very stimulating, as it brings you out of your comfort zone and perhaps finds a talent you didn't even know you had. Fortunately, you can try your new hobby in the comfort of your own home. And you don't have to take a tiring course or attend hours of hard-to-follow classes.

Just allow yourself to know a new technique and enjoy a pleasant time with yourself. As a bonus, you make real works of art while relaxing and relieving stress in a leisure time . Not to mention that the practice is super fun and easy to learn, you won't want to stop after you start!

Who is it for?

No matter how old you are, whether you are male or female, child or adult. The pleasure of creating a piece of art in the style DIY is indescribable and can benefit anyone to try.

If you are new to diamond painting, you can rest easy! You don't have to worry about having technical skills or being good at art or design to be able to produce a truly compelling work of art. You don't need any basic arts skills to get started. Even beginning artists can create a picture worthy of exposure.

That's right, being a true artist has never been easier. This is why diamond painting is suitable for all audiences of all ages. Seniors can practice the activity to maintain and improve physical and cognitive skills. For adults, it helps relieve stress and anxiety . It is also a good activity for children and parents to develop together.

Everyone has a lot to gain from a technique that allows you to channel attention, disconnect from everything else and spark creativity , resulting in something to be really proud of.

Benefits of Diamond Painting

Besides being a great hobby for the whole family and super easy to learn, diamond painting can also be an ally in improving the quality of life . As the activity becomes better known and practiced worldwide, new benefits are being discovered. It is already proven that it is much more than a hobby because it is capable of bringing changes that can improve the life of anyone, from children to the elderly.

One of the main advantages of practice is the improvement of logical reasoning and agility, both physical and mental. This is an incredible gain especially for the elderly as it becomes a great way to keep the brain active and develop new skills, contributing to the treatment of many common and natural conditions that arise over the years.

People with hand problems such as arthritis or other debilitating illnesses can benefit greatly from regular diamond painting. These problems bring limitations and a number of complications, as they transform simple everyday actions into tiring and painful challenges.

This is why many doctors recommend as complementary treatment of various diseases the adoption of manual work for their patients, forcing action in these problem areas and especially preventing an acceleration of the disease, which ensures more quality of life and less pain for those who have these diseases. conditions.

It is possible to maintain or improve the movement of fingers, hands and wrists by painting with diamonds in a pleasant and very rewarding way. Not to mention learning something new and still developing a new artistic skill .

Young people and adults alike can benefit from the hobby as it contributes considerably to lowering high blood pressure, anxiety and stress. These problems are directly linked to the rise in psychological illness and even the causes of death in recent years. Taking time to slow down and empty the mind needs to be among the priorities of younger generations today.

And for children and teens, the benefits come from developing focus, concentration, patience, and creativity. Plus, it's a great way to improve your relationship , as you can share the fun with friends and family. Doing something creative together helps a lot in connecting people. It can improve the relationship between siblings, parents and children, and more.

A way to renew home decor

Have you ever thought that besides being a hobby and even an alternative therapy to improve health and well-being,
diamond painting is also a way to innovate when decorating the home ?

After pasting all the small diamonds and finishing the mosaic , you can put it in a frame, which gives an amazing finish and turns your canvas into a true work of art. So, use it as and where you want to complement the décor of any space, whether in the living room, bedroom or even in a commercial setting.

And when you're having trouble finding the right gift for that friend or family member, this can be a great solution. The diamond painting kit, whether finished or ready to make, is an irreverent choice that will positively surprise that person you like.

Are you ready to change your life with Diamond Painting? So choose a beautiful canvas right now in our store and get started right away! We have paint kits for all styles and levels. You will be amazed at what you can create!

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