If you are a doctor, you might have heard of Disability Insurance for Physicians. But in case you cannot answer straight when someone asks you “what is Disability Insurance for Physicians?”, this post is perfect for you. When an unfortunate event happens preventing you to continue your practice, Disability Insurance got your back. This policy serves as your income source when you cannot earn a living as a doctor due to a disability.

What is Disability Insurance for Physicians - Options to Consider

Want to learn more about what this certain insurance includes and its benefits? Let us walk you through everything you need to know about how DI provides financial protection for physicians.

Different Types of Disability Insurance

Being out of practice due to an accident or injury is discouraging. Aside from the mental impact it has on a person, the financial aspect is also hard to ignore. In this situation, Disability Insurance, also known as Physician Income Insurance, is a way to ease your financial burden as it gives you a part of your salary every month – much-like receiving your monthly earnings.
There are different kinds of insurance for physicians. One of these is Disability Insurance, which has three main types.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

This type of disability insurance is used to cover disabilities that last for a short term only, usually several weeks up to three to six months. Short-term disability insurance is typically offered by companies to their employees. Despite providing an income only for a short time, many professionals still regard it as worthy of an investment.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Disabilities that last for a period of longer than six months are covered by Long-Term Disability Insurance. Coverage by this plan usually lasts until age 65. Some policies allow you to work and still receive benefits, while others, such as group-sponsored plans, pay you benefits considering you do not have any other work. Generally, the amount of benefit paid monthly is 60% of your gross income.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is governed by the Social Security Administration, which imposes very stringent definitions of disability - the reason many do not qualify for this policy. The amount you receive is also significantly lower than that of a physician's average monthly earnings. Often, if a person receives Social Security payout, his employer-based Long-Term Disability Insurance benefits will be reduced.

What to Consider When Filing for a Disability Claim

Filing for a disability claim is a walk in the park if you have the correct and eligible qualifications. There are several things to consider when planning to file for a claim. First, check your policy for the timeframe when you can file your claim. This is critical, as you do not want to be too late for filing. Generally, insurance policies have a 20- to 30-day timeframe, beginning on the date of the disability.

Secondly, ensure that you meet all the qualifications presented in your policy. Anything related to the terms of your insurance that is not clear should be discussed with your insurance provider. Employer-based plans usually have a lot of restrictions, unlike Own Occupation policies that present a complete medical underwriting and conditions upfront. This makes Own Occupation Disability Insurance the best insurance for doctors.

Should Doctors Get Disability Insurance

A disability or injury can fall into any person, regardless of their profession. So while Disability Insurance is essential to all professionals, it is especially beneficial for doctors, specialists, and other healthcare professionals who have trained for so long.

In case of an unfortunate event that leaves you disabled, you can be unemployed, which means you need to say goodbye to your monthly income for an undetermined amount of time. Having your Own Occupation Disability Insurance is like walking on a hanging bridge with a parachute. An accident can happen anytime, but you are prepared and are able to protect you and your family from falling into the debt trap with this specicalty specific insurance.

When to Get Disability Insurance

We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow or next week. The only thing we can do is be prepared. Regardless of the insurance type, the best time to avail of one is now, as your present health condition will play a significant role in determining your eligibility for coverage. This is especially true with Specialty-Specific Disability Insurance. Protect yourself and your family through Disability Insurance that provides you income in the event you are out of work due to a disability.


Why do doctors need disability insurance?

Physicians study and train for a long time. By the time students become doctors, they already have accumulated loans with minimal to zero savings. Disability Insurance is a great way to make sure you still have income when you become unemployed due to a disability. It serves as a stopgap that prevents you from accumulating more debts and helps with your financial problems.

How does disability insurance work?

How Disability Insurance works is pretty simple. It pays a person a portion of his gross earnings in the event he becomes out of work due to an unfortunate disability or illness. Since you cannot work, consequently, you cease to receive your monthly salary. Disability Insurance replaces your income, generally up to 60% of your earnings.

"What is Disability Insurance for Physicians and why is it essential" is a question that has hopefully been answered. Well, physicians are prone to accidents and injuries that can cause a disability that may hinder them to perform their work. Disability Insurance for Physicians is one way to ensure you still can protect and provide for yourself and your family. When you are forced to stop working in your area of specialization, you can be confident that you will still receive a portion of your income.

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