Why are you creating a business, or starting a business, or undertaking a major project, or a major life change?

What is your personal motivator? Do you know what is driving you?

Take a minute to meditate be taking a deep breath and asking your trusted source what drives you. Delve deeper by tapping into your higher self and asking some questions to get to your true personal motivator.

When you find out what drives you, you have found GOLD. With this insight you can turn your business into GOLD , finish your project, make the life change. You can reach any goal you set.

Personal motivators are neither good or bad, right or wrong, they are just your own motivation for any given endeavor in your life. When you recognize what the personal motivator is for each situation in your life you will have found the key to success. Your personal motivator can be different at different times of your life and for different goals you have set for yourself. What is important is to define the personal motivator, accept it and embrace it as what is driving you and then use the newly gained insight to move forward.

If you are having trouble identifying what your personal motivator is let me give you some ideas. After scanning the list below, perhaps you will recognize what is driving you.

You are seeking approval.
You are on a mission.
You are compelled by a sense of duty.
You need to feel a sense of belonging.
You want to win.
You have a lot of courage that needs to be expressed.
You are ego driven.
You need to feel your own personal power.
You want more money.
You love money or what money gives you.
You want to achieve what you define as a level of “financial success”.
You are compelled to action by a sense of obedience.
You need to feel or have control.
You are seeking love, and the need to express love.
Your self worth is tied up in the success or failure of the goal.
You are seeking harmony.
You are seeking liberty or freedom.
You have a need to express more patience.
You are seeking more clarity and understanding.
You want security.
You are expressing compassion.

Now that you have an idea of what you think your personal motivator is, take a closer look. Don’t accept the first, and perhaps even second the personal motivator that comes to mind as the one that is driving you. Look beyond this level and dig deeper inside and you will find your TRUE personal motivator. When you recognize and connect with your huge true personal motivator you will be able to begin the process of clearing the blocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals, achieving your dream, realizing a full satisfied life.

Did you come up with a personal motivator that is what drives you that is not on my list? If so, please share your personal motivator with my readers to help them identify what their GOLD is and begin the process of clearing their way to success

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