Femilift treatment is a non surgical vaginal treatment which is conducted to treat feminine conditions like vaginal tightness and dryness, and stress urinary incontinence. The recurring vaginal infections can easily be cured using this process. There are different women looking for femilift in South Delhi nowadays. There are different benefits of this procedure. Before we discuss further about what to expect from this procedure, let’s have a look on how it works.

How Femilift Works?

The energy is delivered around 0.5mm deep in the vaginal skin by the FemiLift CO2 laser and creates small, white dots of tissue damaged onto the mucosal tissue in the vaginal canal. Like with other laser techniques in aesthetics, the main aim is that it promotes the healing response in non-damaged tissue around each micro dot. Hence, it results in formation of new collagen and improves vaginal lining thickness.

This non surgical vaginal looseness treatment has a rich history in gynecological procedures where CO2 lasers have been preferred by the practitioners for decades for the removal of some cancers and genital warts.

Vaginal Tightening

The vaginal tissues are likely to overstretch over time and cause insensitivity around the vagina. Women may feel reduced sexual satisfaction and libido in this stage. By getting this non surgical vagina tightening treatment, women seem to rebuild the collagen in the walls and tighten the same for improved satisfaction.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

In SUI or Stress Urinary Incontinence, women face instinctive leakage in common activities like coughing, sneezing or even laughing. It is due to lowered pelvic support and weakness in urethra. This procedure treats vaginal looseness as well as the SUI symptoms.

Childbirth Recovery

There are plenty of physical changes noticed in women after childbirth. After delivery, vaginal area gets dry and stretched. Pelvic floor also becomes weak and becomes too uncomfortable for women who become mother for the first time. Femilift can strengthen the whole vaginal area. After treatment, the flexibility and strength can be restored.

Postmenopausal Symptoms

Menopause also has huge impact on the hormones. Vaginal lining also gets thinner. Inflammation, vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity are some of the common side effects that are often noticed in women. This way, femilift can relieve these symptoms and restore the thickness and lubrication of the vaginal wall. It can also control some of the uncontrollable symptoms like burning and itching.

Vaginal Infections

Women suffer vaginal infections due to several reasons over time. Lack of immunity is one of the common reasons in vaginal area. This way, femilift generates healthy and new tissues and improve the resistance. It also maintains the pH level of the vagina to avoid infections.

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