The entire manifestation and yet to be manifested existence are nothing, but just the play of 0 and 1. Since 0 is the stratum of the entire process of manifestation, so 1 can exist only when -1 comes into play. That’s why, there is always an inherent paradox present in the manifested existence. Matter has to be complemented by anti-matter, crest has to be associated with trough, contraction has to co-exist with rare-faction. The entire manifested existence is nothing, but it is the different infinite possibilities of manifestation between 1 and -1. 1 and -1 are the opposite extremities of zero. Zero always equilibrates all additions and subtractions of one to itself. Zero is the equilibrating agent of the whole manifestation dynamics. That’s why, zero is not just zero, it is not pure nothingness, but on the contrary, it is pregnant with a driving force, that we call consciousness. Consciousness is the perfect driving force of zero to oscillate from any infinite positive extremity to any negative infinite extremity. So, the entire existence is nothing, but it is the sum total of everything from any positive extent of infinite to any negative extent of infinite and this summation always equates to zero. Zero is the sea-bed of the whole creation; it is the stratum where the whole existence annihilates itself into nothingness. So the absolute can be represented by the following equation:

Zero is the ultimate reality of the manifested existence. At zero, consciousness is at the best of its potentiality. It is this ultimate potentiality, that we call GOD. Zero is the outside apparent reality, while consciousness is the core of the reality. Consciousness is not only the driving agent, but it is at the same time, the driven substance too. Consciousness is absolutely uniform field where wavelength is infinite and amplitude is just zero. In the vast infinite field of consciousness, where coagulation takes place, some deterministic patterns develop, making wavelength finite and creating some value of amplitude and giving rise to the physical manifested reality. This way the physical manifestation is a localized phenomenon in the space-time continuum and this localized physical manifested reality seems to be distinct from its original form i.e. conscious field. The appearance of distinct entity gives rise to ego to this localized physical manifestation. All the physical manifestation is always gross and it will have an inherent craving to come to its original form of the zero field. This craving creates a deterministic pattern in the remaining limited consciousness of the gross physical manifestation. Because of this craving to go back to the original fundamental state of zero field, all physical manifestation is bound to annihilate back to zero.
In zero field, consciousness is at the supreme state. In this state it is pregnant with all possibilities of creation. In this state the entire conscious field is just one unified field. This grand conscious unified field is GOD, from where the entire universe, all physical manifested realities emanate and in which the entire physical universe again gets dissolved back to zero.
This zero field of consciousness i.e. GOD has following attributes-
1. It is totally non-deterministic. There is no deterministic pattern in this conscious field.
2. It is vastest of the vast, great possibility of all possible possibilities.
3. It is totally desire-less. Desires take place where some possibilities outside of the present matrix exist, that’s why the limited matrix craves for expansion to acquire the outside possibilities within its domain. Since in the zero state of conscious field everything is already present, nothing is beyond its matrix, it is the vastest of the vast matrix, so it is totally desire-less. Desire is a deterministic pattern in the limited consciousness, so GOD is totally desire-less, because it has already everything in its matrix.
4. The zero field of consciousness i.e. GOD is the highest possible state of bliss and beatitude, because it does not have any deterministic pattern of desire or craving. So, it is an eternal saga of bliss and divine celebration.
5. The consciousness of the conscious field makes it eternal, because it is the aboriginal as well as the ultimate state of existence. The unconscious state is temporary, but moment it transcends to the supreme state of consciousness, it becomes eternal. Eternity is an inherent attribute of GOD. Since it is eternal, hence free from all fear, because fear, again, is a deterministic pattern in the limited consciousness.
6. GOD is the most powerful entity, because it is the possibility of all possibilities. At the same time, it is the most humblest entity, because it is always grounded to zero.
7. GOD, in the manifested form, is the paradox of all paradoxes, while its core is totally free from all paradoxes.
8. This supreme consciousness is free from all emotions and thoughts as emotions and thoughts again are deterministic pattern in the limited conscious field.
9. GOD, the highest field of supreme-consciousness, is totally attribute-less, while at the same time, its manifested reality is inherent with the attribute of all possible attributes.
10. GOD, the highest possible field of supreme-consciousness, is totally shapeless, while its manifested reality is having all possible shapes.
11. GOD, the genesis of the entire creations, is all pervasive, while it exists in totality even in a smallest possible point.
12. GOD is beyond all beyonds, while at the same time, it is the core of all cores.

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I am an author, artist, entrepreneur and spiritual scientist. I am a fundamental thinker. I do not accept anything as a fact just because the whole world considers it as a fact or truth. I do not condemn something just because it is condemned by the whole world. To realize the vast absolute truth, one has to be analytical and objective in approach because truth is always objective and universal. The path of belief can never lead to the realization of the absolute truth; only the path of scientific search can lead you to the truth. Search is a quite painful process, that’s why only a few people have been able to realize the truth. Secondly to realize truth one has to expand till the vastest possible domain of existence, then only the absolute truth can be realized in its totality. So unless and until one transcends to the vastest possible matrix of the existence we cannot realize the absolute truth. And this is possible only through super consciousness. Localized and deterministic consciousness can’t give the realization of the absolute truth. So one has to transcend one’s mind and pervade to the entire existence to realize the total truth. When one is established in Super- consciousness, the entire existence reveals its divine mystery. So I have worked a lot on Super- consciousness and through my books, though some are in fiction and in poetry format, I have tried my best to explain Super- consciousness. Following are the books authored by me:
1. A Date with God
2. In Love with All Beautiful Women
3. On the Wings of the Self
4. The Journey of Speaking Silence
5. Beyond the Beyond
6. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Universe
I have made more than hundred paintings on canvas in oil and acrylic to depict Super- consciousness. I am a Post Graduate in Management Science. After my education I started my advertising business and then established an IT Company. Apart from these, I am a Management Consultant. I give consultancy about business development, marketing and advertising, strategic sustained business expansion etc. Now I want to focus on my NGO “Divine Bliss foundation” through which a vast segment of society could be served.
Thank You.

Swami Aaron, MBA