Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the whirl of my Breville Juicer, that I forget there are so many still needing to understand what the heck green juice is and what are the benefits of daily green juicing. So, this post is for you green juicing newbies - and truly it is for all of us as a reminder!

What is Green Juice?

Green juice is made when primarily vegetables (see next paragraph), and sometimes a small amount of fruit, are processed through an appliance called a juicer. A juicer extracts the liquid nutrition from the produce leaving the pulp behind.

Some of my favorite green veggies to use are cucumbers, celery, kale, chard, romaine lettuce, broccoli, parsley, sprouts, and spinach. Other veggies that add a pop are: red, yellow or orange peppers, garlic, ginger, red cabbage, and a carrot or so. When considering adding in some fruit, lemons and limes can be used freely. However, try to limit other fruits to one piece or so to keep the sugar intake low and the green, alkaline goodness at the center of attention! Some good fruit choices are one serving of apples, pears, or melons.
Why Should I Green Juice?

This is a great question, and one I get often. When I do a demo, it is easy to see that the amount of produce I put through my juicer is way more than I care to eat in a day and is not a combination I would find appealing if left in its whole form. It's just too much, especially with the rest of my plant-based eating. But, juiced all together they create a wonderful symphony of flavors that fills my body and soul with pure liquid sunshine! I am in essence, getting the pure life-force from the plants! Some people even refer to it as "plant blood", which can either sound super cool or super, do what you will with that term! Okay, so here is a list of benefits for ya:

- Large consumption of vegetables that otherwise would be difficult to eat

- Fast nutrient consumption since it is in liquid form

- Easy digestion since there is no bulk

- Curbs appetite since you are getting real nutrition that your body craves

- Alkalizing effects on the body, acidic environment promotes dis-ease

- Good for immune system support

- Tastes good with great recipes!

Juicer Info Please...

Juicers come in all shapes, sizes and costs - my "Juice Yourself Healthy" book breaks down the type of juicers a bit more, but know that juicers like the Breville, Omega, Champion, or Green Star totally rock green juices! Although I have three different types of juicers, my personal favorite and my daily go-to is my Breville. Love. It.

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