What is GST?

GST is a big step towards improving India's tax system. Excise and service taxes are indirect tax laws. GST is an integrated tax covering both goods and services. With the introduction of GST, the entire country is transformed into a unified market and indirect taxes such as central consumption tax, service tax, value added tax, entertainment, luxury and lottery tax are included in GST. This is subject to the same type of indirect tax throughout India.

India's previous tax system was very complex. According to the Indian Constitution, in the past, the central government has the right to impose taxes on state government production and goods and services, mainly for the sale of goods. As a result, various types of taxes have been applied in the country in the past, and the current tax system has become very complex. It is difficult for companies and SMEs to comply with different tax laws in the past, but with the introduction of GST, the same type of indirect tax occurs throughout the country, so businessmen buy goods and services that purchase the full amount of GST. Can be used to pay GST for products and services sold. This is only a tax on value enhancement, which eliminates tax on tax and reduces costs.

Benefits of GST

GST eliminates tax cascade effect- The implementation of GST ensures that tax cascade effects are removed. Under this GST system, you can smoothly use temporary consumption tax credits.

Unorganized sectors are regulated by GST - There are certain industries in India that are not yet organized. GST provisions streamline the online compliance and payment process, thereby helping to regulate unorganized sectors.

Simple and easy online procedure - The entire process under GST from registration to return is online. This is very advantageous for startups that do not have to choose to register under various indirect tax regimes.

Uniform tax structure – harmonize national laws, procedures and tax rates and simplify tax structure.

Higher registration threshold
Composition scheme for SMEs
The number of compliance is small
Defined treatment for e-commerce operators
Logistics efficiency

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