What is a habit?

Many people never ask this important question. IF they ask, they would be able to make their life as they want because success is a combination of many different habits.

Now we understand the importance of habit in our life but what habit is?
Any repeated action is called a habit. There are 3 types of habits
1) neutral
2) positive
3) negative

We wake up, take a shower, breakfast, dinner all these are neutral.
Any habit which gives you benefit is called a positive habit and any habit which waste your time is negative. We can't say that this and that is a positive habit because it all depends on the situation or your environment. Suppose if you like watching tv and maybe you watch dramas or other stuff which is not useful that is positive for you. But if you watch discovery or something which is related to your professional field then you can say that it is a positive one.

How one can make and break any habit?

We know that habit can make it easy for us to succeed in any field or we can prevent ourself from bad one.
There is 4 law of behaviour change which can help you to make or break any habit.

1 Cue
2 Craving
3 Reward
4 Benefit

The most important habit is a book reading habit. How can we develop a reading habit?
You can develop reading habit by start reading articles or a small book which is related to your hobby. Suppose if your hobby is playing cricket then start reading articles related to cricket then slowly get into a book.

Author's Bio: 

Karim Ali is CEO of bestbookgadgets. He loves to read book and draw philosophies from the book and deliver them to a public.