Life is often referred to as a miracle. Out of all of its amazing aspects, perhaps the most miraculous thing about life is the way plants and animals grow from the tiniest seeds into complex, completely developed living beings.

In human beings, this growth and development would not be possible without the critical intervention of human growth hormone, or HGH. Human growth hormone functions like a supervisor of development for the human organism, directing growth and development throughout the body.

HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain, and plays a critical role in adolescence as young men and women make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Shortages of HGH in children can lead to stunted growth, which is why HGH has been approved for use in children afflicted with growth disorders.

What HGH Does

Helping young people make a successful transition to full physical maturity is just the first of the vital tasks this master hormone is called upon to perform. HGH enhances muscle growth and the proliferation of lean muscle mass by stimulating the production of proteins. HGH serves a critical role in the creation and repair of human cells, and it also increases the strength and density of the bones. The organs of the body rely on human growth hormone for healthy growth and maintenance, and HGH plays a supporting role in enzyme production and function as well. The immune system gains much of its strength and adaptability from the effects of human growth hormone, which also helps to keep human metabolism as a whole functioning at a high level of efficiency.

HGH provides youthful energy and vitality throughout the lifespan of a human being. However, the body's capacity to produce this hormone naturally peaks in young adulthood and begins gradually but steadily declining at about the age of 30. There is no question that this decreased natural production of HGH is directly connected to the aging process, as declining levels of human growth hormone leave the body less able to repair and replace damaged tissues and cells.

Not surprisingly, many have sought to reverse this pattern of decline by searching for methods to rejuvenate the pituitary gland's ability to manufacture human growth hormone. The best methods for accomplishing this involve the use of supplements containing nutrients that have demonstrated the ability to spur HGH production. Synthetic human growth hormones were eventually developed that could be delivered through injection, and also through oral spray preparations that allow much smaller amounts of HGH to be absorbed by the body through the lining of the mouth.

If Ponce de Leon Were Alive Today...

Many explorers and adventurers dedicated significant amounts of their lives to searching for the Fountain of Youth. This magical concept, part metaphor and part mythical quest, has proved maddeningly elusive for even the most determined seekers. While no one would claim that human growth hormone is that missing Fountain of Youth, the critical role that this substance plays in preserving the vitality and dynamism of the human organism is beyond question. As a natural elixir of life, human growth hormone is without parallel.

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