First, let’s take a moment and clarify some definitions. People often wonder what’s the difference between “high blood pressure” and “hypertension”?

They’re just different names for the same thing.

You might have seen that blood pressure always has two numbers, for example, 120/80. The bigger number is called “systolic” and the smaller number is called “diastolic.”

“Systolic” is the maximum pressure when your heart contracts.

“Diastolic” is the lowest pressure when your heart relaxes.

For example, if your blood pressure is: “120/80”

This means that the highest pressure when your heart beats is 120 and the lowest when it relaxes is 80.

Sometimes you might see “mmHg” next to a blood pressure reading – this stands for millimeters of Mercury – it’s just the scientific way to measure pressure.

So, let’s take a look at the definition of high blood pressure:

Blood Pressure (mmHg*) Normal Pre-hypertension Hypertension
Systolic below 120 120-139 140 and up
Diastolic below 80 80-89 90 and up
*mmHg = millimeters of Mercury
Source: American Heart Association

For example, if your blood pressure is:
115 over 75, that’s “normal.”
125 over 85, that’s “pre-hypertension”
145 over 95, that’s “hypertension”

High blood pressure is a key risk factor for heart attacks and heart failure, aneurisms and strokes & kidney failure.

Even blood pressure that’s moderately high shortens your life expectancy.

Because High Blood Pressure usually has no symptoms, millions of people have high blood pressure and don’t know it – that’s why it’s often called “The Silent Killer.” The only way to check for high blood pressure is to have a test done – don’t worry it’s simple, fast & painless and there’s no needles involved.

If you do have high blood pressure, there are many natural, clinically proven ways to get it down without medications.

Plus, you should know that taking blood pressure medications doesn’t “cure” high blood pressure. The pills might lower your blood pressure, but they just cover up the actual true cause of the high blood pressure and have many side effects.

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