Many people, choosing a country for rest, are guided primarily by the cost of the permit. And here last-minute tours have an undoubted advantage over traditional trips. They allow you to relax with quality, while maintaining a family budget. You can watch last minute tours with departure from Almaty on the company's website. Let's go with us. However, do not rush to book a ticket. Let's see what is meant by such trips, and how you can “catch” a really profitable tour.

What are hot tours?

What is a burning tour and why is it so popular? On the territory of Kazahstan, such a thing as a burning voucher has been fixed since the times of the Soviet Union. Then many workers received tickets to a sanatorium. In case of refusal, the voucher received the name “burning” and was urgently transferred to another person.

And after a few decades, this term has not lost its relevance. This concept hides a trip, which is rapidly expiring. That is, choosing a burning tour from Almaty to Egypt, be prepared for the fact that the departure date may be the next day.

Hot tours are beneficial for all parties. Hotels and airlines thus receive a flow of tourists. Tour operators retain their customers, and travelers themselves get a quality vacation at low prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of burning tours

Today, hot tours from Almaty are very popular among residents of the city. However, in order to find out if this way of recreation is suitable for you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main advantages and disadvantages of such vouchers. Their positive qualities include:

- Low cost. This is the first thing that customers of Almaty travel agencies pay attention to. With the most successful scenario, you can save more than 50% of the cost of the permit.
- Full package of services. Low cost does not affect what the tour operator provides. As a rule, last-minute tours from Almaty include flight, transfer, accommodation, medical insurance, meals (“All Inclusive” or “Breakfast-Lunch”).
- Extreme sensations.Buying a hot tour to Turkey from Almaty can at one moment turn into a real hunt. You will have to constantly check the availability of vouchers and book a suitable option as quickly as possible. That is why many experienced travelers are so fond of hot tours.

Of course, this type of recreation is not for everyone. Here it is important to take into account the shortcomings of the burning tour:

- Hell perfectionist. You can not plan in detail and in advance neither the date nor the place of travel. Therefore, if you are a fan of thinking through every detail or have a job with an inflexible schedule, last minute tours are not your story.
- Visa problems.Wherever you go, make sure you have permission to enter the country. In some cases, a foreign or biometric passport may be sufficient. If you chose a burning tour to a country that requires a visa from citizens of Kazahstan, find out whether you can enter into an agreement as soon as possible.

When buying hottour from Almaty, be prepared for confusion that may arise after arriving at a place of rest. Sometimes travel agencies confuse rooms or even hotels.

How to "catch" a burning ticket?

Well, who does not want to relax near the warm sea, while saving a significant amount? Last minute trips will help you spend your time at the resort with a minimum of costs. Despite some drawbacks of such trips, they are still in demand among Kazahstan. For example, tours to Egypt tours from Almaty have become the most popular destination lately. So, what to look for when choosing a burning voucher:

- Do not expect last-minute tours from Almaty to the most popular destinations to be available on New Year or May holidays. As a rule, then the influx of tourists is so large that it makes no sense for tour operators to underestimate the cost of vouchers.
- Pre-plan the list of countries in which you want to go on vacation. This will help avoid wasting time searching for a burning tour.
- Take into account that cheap tickets to the most popular destinations appear 1-2 weeks before departure.
- Last minute tickets are not sold in all directions. They are more relevant for resort towns. In some cases (for example, a trip to exotic countries) you can save money by buying a ticket not for a couple of days, but six months before departure.

Now you know everything about last minute tours, and how you can choose the perfect option for quality and budget holidays. Remember that with the right approach, you can save half the cost of the trip and get new impressions of hunting for cheap trips.

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