Hyperdontia is simply a condition of an individual in which they have more than normal teeth in the mouth. These extra teeth can appear anywhere inside the mouth, but maximum times Hyperdontia patients have extra teeth in their upper jaw. Hyperdontia can be suspected from sight or x-ray can also help you in detecting teeth that are still waiting to show up.

Types of extra teeth in your mouth

  • Supplementary: these teeth are normal in shape and size.
  • Tuberculate: these teeth are more in a barrel shape.
  • Conical: these teeth are pointy.
  • Compound and complex odontoma: these teeth are grown in a collection.

Causes Of Extra Teeth

Many reasons can cause extra teeth in your mouth. In your family, if people have extra teeth from different generations then you can also face the same situation more likely. There are some medical conditions that also increase the chance of Hyperdontia. If you notice any extra teeth and you are concerned about it then you need to see your dentist.

Treatments For Hyperdontia?

In many cases Hyperdontia not even requires to be treated, however, it can give birth to many dental problems like difficulty in chewing food, speech problems, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and due to difficulty in cleaning tooth decay can also happen.
There are various treatments to get rid of extra teeth inside your mouth:

Tooth Extraction

Having extra teeth can lead to many oral health problems. Professional dentists recommend the extraction of an extra tooth from your jawline to provide perfect space for remaining teeth to grow. These extra teeth should be removed at the age of eight to minimize the disturbance in the growth of other teeth. Regular Dentist checkups are important when you are a kid so that dentists can know about the shape of teeth development. Dental checkups at a very early age can also help you to suspect extra teeth even before its growth so that preventive measures can be taken.


Crooked teeth occur mostly in people who are having extra teeth. Supernumerary teeth can push the other teeth out from the line of order. Once you are completed with the extraction of Hyperdontia tooth then your dentist will suggest you have braces for further orthodontic treatment.

Fillings and Veneers

If extra teeth are left in the roof of your mouth for long then it can also damage the surrounding teeth. When teeth are in awkward positions then it becomes very difficult to brush and floss them regularly so you can use a water flosser or electric toothbrush for help. You might also require extra treatment to bring your smile in great shape. The filling can be done in case of any small cavities, and veneers can be used to cover the result of Hyperdontia teeth.


Hyperdontia is not a big issue to worry about. But having extra teeth in your mouth it looks strange. If you can detect the presence of extra teeth at an early age then by treating it on that age, the development of other teeth will continue in the same manner.

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