What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a globally renowned English proficiency test, which students aspiring to study abroad are expected to take. As it is a globally recognized test, over 10,000 institutions/organizations accept the IELTS scores while considering a student’s admission application. This test is taken to test an individual’s English speaking skills as a pre-requisite to study in a foreign land. The test mainly assesses an individual’s:
Listening skills
Reading skills
Writing skills
Speaking skills
Tips to prepare for IELTS:

As there are four components to this test, let’s divide the ways to prepare for it:
Tips to prepare for the Listening section of the test:
To understand a particular language it is very important to listen. Listening has the power to help grasp the language more quickly. Thus, one should expose self to as much as verbal sounds as possible.
The best tip is to listen to English news bulletins daily.
Listen to conversation of people happening in English
Attend or watch debates or group discussion in English
Listen to English speeches given by prominent personalities
Watching English based movies, documentaries and web series can also greatly help.
Tips to prepare for the Reading section of the test:

Newspaper: Read newspapers thoroughly as it’s the best way to develop on your reading ski9lls. Reading a newspaper exposes an individual to a variety of words. Words that you might have never come across.
Books/Novels: If you don’t like to follow news then you can read books written by famous authors who will expose you to different ideas and unique ways of using words and framing sentences.
Online stories and articles: Stories online are usually short reads. Apart from reading newspapers or books, individuals can also read stories/article online as it is more easily accessible.

Tips to prepare for the Writing section of the test:

Practice essay writing. Read sample essays. Analyze how they are written and write accordingly.
Choose a topic of your choice. Read it and then rewrite it in your own words.
You can also start maintaining a journal where you can pen down your thoughts or moments of your life or things that matter to you.
Study basic grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, punctuation, tense, etc.) in order to be able to smoothly frame sentences. Solve grammar exercises.

Tips to prepare for the Speaking section of the test:

Right from the day you start preparing for the test, make sure to majorly converse only in English.
Listen to people speak and repeat those sentences loudly.
Have a small group discussion with your friends on topics of your choice.
Have a mock question and answer round with some family member or a friend. Try to give well-structured answers. Think before you answer so that you don’t get stuck or stammer.
By following these simple tips, you are sure to excel in the test.


I enjoyed a lot. Studying for IELTS was short and simple and was excellent

Name : Nimitt Pandya
Country : Canada
University : Sheridan

It has been a great experience with Edwise from the time of my IELTS exams till my Visa filing.

Name : Siddharth Singla
Country : Canada
University : Centennial College

I prepared my IELTS exam study with Edwise and received a great experience. I followed all the guidance and tips that mu counselor gave me to study for IELTS. All the counselors are supportive and also very helpful.

Name : Purvesh Kumar Pariya
Country : USA
University : NYIT

I was immensely satisfied with the guidance and counseling I received at Edwise. I was trained extremely well for IELTS entrance as well as visa interview.It was an Excellent job done by Edwise.

Name : Debojyoti Dutta
Country : UK
University : Edinburgh Napier

The counselor has been very helpful and supportive throughout. It was because of Edwise that I received excellent IELTS preparations. I am glad I chose Edwise for my complete study abroad guidance.

Name : Shaisa Lala
Country : UK
University : De Montfort University

Was overall a good experience. I got excellent cooperation from the staff. IELTS coaching was especially the best and very effective. It helped me a lot while preparing for the exam. I thank Edwise for all the detailed guidance and help they provided me.

Name : Sameer Hinduja
Country : Canada
University : Humber College

The counselors at Edwise are very good. They provided information at every stage and gave me personal attention and guided me throughout. The IELTS Coaching at Edwise was exceptionally GOOD! Had it not been provided I wouldn’t fare so well in the test. Thank you and Keep it UP.

Name : Christie Shardool Satishbablu
Country : Canada
University : Lambton College

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