Images help you to make your web page look professional, attractive, and generate high engagement. The same image can affect the load speed of your webpage due to its large file size which may result in loss of customer/lead/ sale
Do you want high-quality images (HD images) on your website without compromising website load speed then you need to learn the trick of image optimization?
In this blog, we are going to discuss how to optimize images online using online tools for free. There are lots of online tool for image optimization like –
Tiny PNG

But before discussing these tools, let us understand some important questions about image optimization
What is Image optimization?
Image optimization is a process of delivering high-quality images, in the desired dimension and resolution while keeping the smallest possible file size. This can also be done through many software.
Adobe Photoshop is a popular offline software for image optimization but it requires technical skills to optimize images using Adobe Photoshop. Also, you need a license of Adobe Photoshop and for that; you need to pay a license fee.
Why Image optimization needed?
Image optimization is needed to-
1. Make the website load fast: To improve web page load time and make the website fast. Visitors generally avoid browsing website which loads slow.
2. Improve website SEO: Website speed is an important SEO ranking factor. So if your images are optimized it will help you to rank fast on search engines.
3. Help in taking backup fast: For website Safety and for other various reasons we need to keep website backup. If image sites are optimized, creating backup will be fast.
4. Save Bandwidth: Low image size will save bandwidth and we will be able to serve more people in the same bandwidth.
5. Save server Space: If images are optimized we can save server space
6. High engagement and sale: Since speed is a ranking factor and people like to browse fast loading website. So your website will rank fast and people will be able to engage more. This will help you to boost your sale/leads.
Types of Image Optimization-
If you want to learn how these online tools or offline software optimizes images that you need to learn types of image optimization and image file format to use for web
The popular image optimization types are –
1. Lossy - Lossy compression reduces the image by a large amount. For this, it removes some data from the original file. It degrades image quality. This process is irreversible you will not be able to retrieve back the original image quality.
2. Lossless - Lossless compress the image data to reduce image size. It also removes unnecessary metadata. Since it doesn't remove any data that directly affects image quality, so the image quality remains the same. It uncompresses the image before serving(rendering) it on the web.

How to choose the right image file format for a website?
Before optimizing your image you need to know where and why you are going to use the image. It will help you to select the correct image format.
1. PNG - Optimizes the image in PNG format and requires images of higher quality and transparent background. But the disadvantage of the file format is the larger file size. It supports both lossless & lossy compression
2. JPEG - It provides you a good quality image at low file size. It uses lossy and lossless optimization. It provides you the option to adjust the quality in relation to file size
3. GIF - It is the best option if you require an animated Image(GIf). But it has less color support(256 colors). It uses lossless compression.
4. If you have created your website using WordPress. Then you need not worry a lot about image optimization. There are lots of plug-ins which help you to optimize image on the website and serve the optimize image while browsing the website
Some popular WordPress Image Optimization Plugins are:
1. Image Optimizer
2. EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud
3. WP Smush
4. TinyPNG
5. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
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