An IVA and a Individual Voluntary arrangement are insolvency solutions to help deal with debt problems. The solutions permit you to put an offer to your creditors where you agree to pay what you can afford each month for a period of time. If arranged by your creditors, you will repay an affordable amount and then the residual debt will be written off at the end of the solution where you will be debt free. Your assets, like a house and car, are also measured and if you have equity then you may have to realize these.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement: ultimate Debt solution

 A protected Individual Voluntary arrangement is a popular debt solution for people who are in the situation of insolvency. A trust dead will help a person to put an offer in front of creditors for making affordable monthly payments. These deeds last for 4 years after 2003. At the end of this individual Voluntary arrangement, you will be debt free with 50% of their debt being written off.  The only amount which you can’t afford is able to be cleared. This is the ultimate solution for your insolvency situation. there will be no debt left after the end of the deed.

Advantages of registering an IVA:

  • An IVA is a way to avoid bankruptcy proceedings and property repossession.
  • An IVA allows you to make one reasonable fixed monthly payment.
  • Legal action by your creditors is stopped up as long as you make your IVA monthly contribution.
  • The interest on your debts is unmoving as at the date of the creditors meeting convened to approve the IVA.
  • Debts included in your IVA could be cleared in 5 years.

 How to consider a reliable IVA:

Homeowners entering into a Scottish IVA should be aware that they will be probable to release any available equity for the benefit of their creditors. Due to credit scoring, it may be that the terms of such an arrangement are less constructive. It could also mean that releasing fairness is restricted totally and, in protocol obedient cases, the IVA can be extensive by a further 12 months.

At the start of an IVA, an appraisal of your income and expenditure items are taken and thereafter review annually. Creditors will necessitate evidence should certain items be considered excessive and if appropriate proof cannot be supplied; you will need to reduce your spending in those areas.

Recognition of the IVA lies with the creditors. For an Scottish IVA to be accepted, 75% of the voting creditors by debt worth must approve, consequently any single creditor with 25% or more of the overall debt level must not reject.

There may be other appropriate options for dealing with your debts and where this is the case we will make you conscious of them. If an IVA is not an suitable solution for you we will signpost you to the Money Advice Service for recommendation

Before you apply for an IVA, judge both the advantages and disadvantages of this debt solution so you can make an informed choice about your financial future.

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